#SatSpanks – Spook Me! #Halloween Edition


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Hope everyone has their jack o lanterns all ready to go and lots of spooktastic treats ready to be shared around. Whilst on the subject of trick or treating… well… it’s just treats in this camp. (I hope!)

“She’s quite beautiful, isn’t she?” Leyland, who had sprung out of nowhere, sidled up to Mark and gave him a supportive tap on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, it happens to us all. You’ll get through it, old chap, take my word for it.”

Mark, who was having a hard time prizing his eyes away from Jenny’s body, resplendent in the aftermath of orgasm, was listening with only half an ear. “Hmm?”

Leyland took it upon himself to play a little. “I was just saying that your bride-to-be looks rather wonderful, does she not?” He nodded his head as if to confirm his thoughts.

“Ha, bloody, ha,” said Mark, not at all amused, but spoiled it when he followed up with, “How soon can I get her out of here?” Worryingly, he meant it, because the thought of her in here with hundreds of eyes upon her and being photographed from every angle was doing funny things to his equilibrium. He would have paid just about any amount of money at that moment in time, to pick her up and whisk her away somewhere safe. What the hell was wrong with him?


Keep Hopping!


Renee Rose


Thianna Durston – Falcon Pointe


PK Corey


Lucy Felthouse


Kathryn R. Blake


Leigh Smith


Maddie Taylor


Meredith O’Reilly


Holla Dean


Susan Arden

5 thoughts on “#SatSpanks – Spook Me! #Halloween Edition

  1. I love the way Jenny messes with Mark’s equilibrium even when she’s lost in subspace. Though the fact Leyland says Jenny is Mark’s fiance has me wondering what he had to do to get there. Already one-clicked. Hope to be able to enjoy it soon.

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