#MasturbationMonday – Rarely Left UNPLUGGED! #Anal & Denied Orgasms

Masturbation Monday

Hello and welcome to MOAN DAY! Yes, it’s that delicious day of the week where we talk about all things naughty. Today on Masturbation Monday we’re back to ‘The Riding School,’ and we’re having a little medical edge play measuring session. It’s a whole lot of kinky… so be warned 😉


The Riding School

‘That long, glass dildo is going to be filling your ass as far as it can possibly go whether you wish it or not. Not only that, but in a few short weeks you are going to beg to be fucked in that hole or indeed any hole that your trainer may choose. You will have to beg for the privilege of serving your Master or Mistress and perhaps, if you are lucky, to earn a rare moment of release. One of the things that all pony girls or boys have in common is that their asses are rarely left unplugged. That’s why you’ll need a ‘breaking in’ session. At the moment you’ll only be able to take the tiniest of plugs, which means that your tail will be of a very unimpressive thickness and length. Your trainer will work with you every day until that beautiful backside can hold the weight of a proper horse’s tail inside it. Every single moment you wear it, when you feel the coarse hair tickling your inner thighs or feel the plug vibrating inside your body, it will remind you of your status. As of now, you are an animal. There will be no speech, no clothes and no conscious will of your own. Ponies are no longer seen as human and your sole purpose in life will be to please your owner. You would do well to remember that.’

The words that dripped inside Jenny’s ear made her go cold with fear. She had little time to dwell on them, though, before his fingers began to torment her body. They were skilled, expert fingers that knew exactly how to play a woman; a soft brush on the underside of a breast, a light caress down the length of an inner thigh, a flick of a fingernail against the tender point of a nipple or a slow, sensuous lick following the curve of the neck. It didn’t matter where his fingers landed as they had more magic in them than a witch on All Hallows’ Eve. They made her gasp, shiver, tingle and burn. She was supposed to be screaming, shouting and demanding her release, but the spell she was under had her body coiled with tension and her mouth moaning in pleasure. Try as she might, she couldn’t snap herself out of the sensual haze that had befallen her.

‘You’re not going to give in that easily are you?’ asked Mark, raising his eyebrows in challenge. ‘I thought you were going to prove a tough little filly to tame and yet here we have a purring pussycat.’ His fingers gave her clit the lightest of strokes, that tiny pressure nearly all that was needed to send her over the edge before nodding to Hetty, who, in one swift motion, breached the tightly clenched inner anal walls to lodge the measuring dildo inside her back passage.

Jenny’s orgasm died an instant death as the pain of having her anal walls dilated told hold. She shrieked and bucked and shrieked some more for good measure. It took another hard, brutal kiss and vigorous pressure on her clit before the noise subsided. She could feel her sphincter convulsing madly around the foreign object lodged inside it. It was not welcome, but that didn’t stop her tormentor. Hetty twisted and turned the thin, cylindrical glass rule inside her and urged it forward. Jenny tried to stop the dildo’s insidious movement, but squirming with all her might just seemed to encourage it to slip more deeply inside her, so she stopped even that small token of protest. Compressing her lips together, she gave Mark a baleful glance, eyes flashing pure malice. If he wanted his lips anywhere near hers he’d better be prepared to do battle.

Click on the picture below for a freebie! 🙂


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