The Ties That Bind – #BetaReader Request #Betaread


Do you like reading kinky naughtiness? Can you spot errors? Can you give an honest opinion?

‘The Ties That Bind’ is now seeking a couple of beta readers to test drive its pages. Email me at if you fancy giving it a go 😉



Will Mark Matthews accept Redcliff’s terms for his daughter’s release, surrendering both body and mind to the enemy? Petal’s sanity depends upon the fact, for in the sixth and final book of Pony Tales she is to discover that the fate in store for her at Albrecht is not a pretty one.

Shipped off to Leyland Forbes in a steel cage, the pony-girl will have to endure all sorts of imaginative bondage and BDSM at his palatial manor, as her body is photographed intimately by several of the world’s top photographers. As the day progresses she will find herself taken out to dinner in chains, before being cleverly and expertly divested of her virginity.

Trouble awaits when she returns to the stables, however. One of the trainers has taken a monstrous dislike to her and intends to prove his superiority, both in the dungeon and beyond.

Escape is beginning to seem like an impossible dream…


“Take off your dress.”

Marianna knew a command when she heard one, but even so, her lips pouted in protest and she gave him big bambi eyes as her face looked up into his. She didn’t voice her objections, for that would be stupid and give him an immediate reason to punish her, but there was plenty of pleading going on within her expression.

“Nearly all the women here are naked, Marianna. You’re a submissive who’s had to endure plenty of training in order to get used to being naked. What you’re wearing now only accentuates your nakedness. It most certainly doesn’t hide it, and whilst I should not have to explain myself to you, in this one instance I will. You’ve had a rough night, and I can be kind on occasion,” he gave her a knowing look. “You need to get out of that dress, Marianna, because you are shortly going to be featuring as my dessert plate. If you would like to be able to wear it on the ride home, it might be prudent to remove it now. I am, of course, perfectly happy to take you home without a stitch of clothing to your name and I suspect the taxi driver would probably pay me money to see your…”

The speed at which Marianna began to remove her dress was nothing less than astounding, especially considering that her heart-rate had already had a good work-out this evening. “For God’s sake slow down, Miss Morreau,” said Mark, who held his hands up as twin stop signs at the faster-than-a-speeding-bullet strip tease. “I want to be able to enjoy the exquisite experience of your beautiful body being disrobed, rather than be elbowed in the face…” Mark leaned back and frowned at her, but his eyes had their trademark sparkle of merriment, dancing happily within them.

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