#MasturbationMonday – CUPPING & #Nipple Suckers

Masturbation Monday

Hello and welcome to MOAN DAY. Yep, it’s Monday again but are we DEPRESSED? We are not. There’s plenty of naughtiness on hand and we’re going to have some fun 😉

Many bubbles in water close up, abstract water wave with bubbles

The Ties That Bind

Watching as the rim of the first tube was smeared in Vaseline and pressed against to her back, she felt the pump being attached and sensed, rather than heard, the subsequent pumps. It was a strange feeling, having your skin sucked upwards into a small tube, but not entirely unpleasant. The pressure Len used was not too intense, and the slow tingling burn that it created almost made her groan. It wasn’t too bad, though. She could handle this. A walk in the park, compared to the rest of the things she’d faced so far today…

She was wrong. After Connor had applied twenty or thirty of the things, she was a dribbling mass of seething, wailing hormones. The men were now attaching feathery, striped spikes to each cylinder in turn, and checking that each was anchored firmly to her skin by giving them a gentle ping. Jenny wanted to scream. After she’d screamed, she wanted the use of her hands back so she get herself off not just once, but several hundred times over. The sensations that those little tubes were producing were getting horribly intense.

“Coming along nicely now, Petal. Don’t worry, your time with us is nearly up. Just need to do a couple more things and you’ll be good to go. Next up, we’re going pop a couple of nipple suckers on you and, boy oh boy, are you going to like these monsters. “Cupping is all very well over your back and thighs, but when you place them somewhere really sensitive, they’ll have blood rushing up to the surface. Your tits aren’t going to know what hit them after you’ve been wearing these babies for a few minutes.” That was all the warning she got. The suckers were applied, the plastic knobs were twisted and her nipples were pulled forcibly forward, almost filling out their little tubes. A few seconds later, after their feathery brown and white stripes had been attached, and they began to throb in earnest. She gave up all pretence of being stalwart and began wriggling like a baby. “Relax. You’ll get used to the pressure in a minute. Just focus on your breathing. In and out, easy does it. We’ve got your clit and asshole to do next, so this is the least of your worries.”

“What! You have got to be joking,” Jenny seethed. You’re going to attach spines there, too?” Her breaths were coming in little pants now, and she was barely able to control the vicious arousal that was flooding her body. Anymore and she’d be experiencing internal combustion of the worst kind. Or should that be the best kind?

“Don’t worry, no fins down there. They’ll be needed for… other things. All we’re doing is drawing blood to the surface and letting them redden and swell a little, so the photographers can get a good shot. Leyland’s very particular about these things.” He grinned and hauled her to her feet.


 *********** DUE FOR RELEASE SHORTLY *********

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