#SatSpanks – The FEATHER!

Saturday Spankings

Hello Spankos and Spankees – it’s Saturday and it’s time to celebrate. The Ties That Bind is finished and it’s about to go off to the Beta Readers to see what on the earth they make of it 😉 Until then… here’s a little something… spanky!


Learning The Ropes

‘Is my little filly already yearning for the crop? You know, the most devilish torments are often the result of the most innocent-looking things.’ He softly patted each thin, red welt and was rewarded with a shudder. ‘Take the innocuous feather, for example. It doesn’t look in the least bit dangerous, yet it can inflict the sweetest agony. Shall I demonstrate?’

Mark held a large green and blue peacock feather in his hand and his face held its trademark gleam of amusement. Jenny stared straight ahead, careful not to catch his eyes and decided that a feather couldn’t be much of a threat. Let him do his worst.

The first touch of the feather on her skin was a subtle dusting of its surface. It swirled in little circles that gently tickled each of her toes and made them curl, before moving to feet, calves and thighs. A flick on her instep made her writhe with delight. Then it reached her waist, drew airy pictures all over her back, circled each ridge of her spine and nearly made her laugh out loud when it reached her ribs.

Keep Hopping!

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