The Top 10 Items Broken During #Sex!


Ever wanted to know what are the most frequently broken things when people are getting down and dirty with it? Well, now this knowledge can be yours. See if you could have guessed these… and if you have any others you’d like to add… tell me in the comments 🙂


A vase of flowers. This must be in the early stages of sex and relationships. Men never buy flowers past about year two. There’s a couple of downsides to breaking one of these… a) they’re usually made of glass – ouch! and b) they’re full of water – yuck!


A Window. That could be rather serious… especially if you live twenty floors up, right?


A Mirror. And just what are you pervy people doing – watching yourselves having sex? Honestly. That’s seven years bad luck 😉 But at least it’s not seven years of something bad that rhymes with luck…


Bedside Lamps. If you turned the lamp on people, you’d be able to see enough not to break the damn thing!


Picture Frames. If you’re going at it like a freight train and the neighbours have to turn the music up… chances are your walls might be vibrating. This does funny things to pictures.


Your Marriage Vows. This one needs little explaining. You all be good. You hear me? 😉


Sex toys. What are you guys doing with these things, that’s what I want to know!!


Wine Glasses or Pint Glasses. All this broken glass everywhere is making me squirm. We’re all secret masochists, right?


The Bed! This needs little explaining – but wow! You’d have to take pictures and show them to your friends, right?
1A condom. Ouch.

Hands up if you got them all right? xox

11 thoughts on “The Top 10 Items Broken During #Sex!

  1. Yeah, we’ve done the bed thing back when beds lay on top of wooden slats. You’re going at it like bunnies and the next thing you know, crack, you, your partner and your mattress are lying on the floor beneath the bed frame. We’ve also knocked a few phones and bed lamps to the floor but no windows, mirrors or picture frames have ever been injured during our romp on the sheets, we’re proud to say. Great list.

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