#SatSpanks – Hand spanking, paddles and belts! #Spank

Saturday Spankings

Hello Saturday Spankos – good news! The Ties That Bind is officially FINISHED (isn’t that a lovely word – f.i.n.i.s.h.e.d!) so I’m in a celebratory mood. Which is daft, because there are so many errors in my manuscript I’ll be screaming as I go through the first edit. Oh well. Back on track with Miss Recliff in TROUBLE! (Nothing changes…)


“Have all the grooms got their spanking hands ready and primed?” Kyle was wearing a sickening grin as he faced them all and his wide-legged stance with his green crocodile boots pointed in opposing directions meant business. He rubbed his hands together as if to confirm his obvious glee, before he continued, “We’ll start with a warm-up hand spanking, to get the fillies used to the idea, and then we’ll progress to paddles. When I think we’ve adequately prepared these asses, then we’ll progress to our final ten additional spanks of the evening, which have been provided courtesy of Miss Redcliff and these will be delivered by your belts, gentlemen.

The long line of ponies treated this news, on the whole, as bad. There were a few gasps, some lip biting, some excited whinnying, some head tossing and more than a couple of dark looks which were directed at Jenny. She sensibly kept her eyes forward and on the ground. She was in enough trouble already.


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7 thoughts on “#SatSpanks – Hand spanking, paddles and belts! #Spank

  1. FINISHED? Oh God, I love that word – congratulations! Hands, paddles and belts … oh my! Sounds like Jenny is smart to keep the head down. Other women giving you a dark look? Never a good sign 🙂

  2. Jenny sure seems to find trouble, doesn’t she.
    I’m stoked about you finishing The Ties That Bind. In fact I think I’m going to have a shot of celebratory Rumchata because I am so excited for you. ~Cheers!~
    Now, onward with those edits. ~Cracks my whip~ playfully of course!

  3. Oh Jenny. That girl is a magnet for trouble it seems. Congrats on finishing! I love that feeling, but now…the fun begins with editing.

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