#MasturbationMonday – I’m talking the ‘O’ word here and I don’t mean #Orgasm!

Masturbation Monday

Hello and welcome to MOAN day… yes that’s right, we want you to moan and groan your way through today… and hopefully, the post below might help you do just that… one way or another 😉


A Rough Ride

“Remember what we talked about, back in the dungeon?”

Jenny remained ominously quiet. They’d talked about a few things. Which one did he mean? Not wanting to put a foot wrong, she tried to guess what he was thinking. The expression on her face said that it was not the easiest task.

Mark, as usual, read her thoughts. “I’m talking about the ‘O’ word here and I don’t mean ‘Orgasm.’ You have permission to talk as soon as you’ve figured it out.” He slapped her backside and the smart of his hand print was delicious in her hyper-aroused state.

“Ohhh,” whispered Jenny, who was rapidly charting all the words that began with ‘O’ in her head and orgasm was on the top of her list, unfortunately. Her brain finally managed to trip over the right one. “Obedience,” she breathed.

“Congratulations,” he smiled. “Now we’ll put all that talk of yours to the test. I want you to stay as still as you can. You are not to avoid the direction of the wand,” and he pressed it tightly upon her clit to demonstrate and watched to see whether she could follow instructions.

“Ahhh,” she whimpered, wanting nothing more than to wiggle and buck helplessly.

“That’s it,” he encouraged her. “Stay perfectly still and let yourself go.”

The vibrations from the wand were so powerful it was impossible for her to do anything else and she came in thirty seconds flat. Agnes timed the moment of climax with exacting precision, inserting her plug about two seconds before the poor girl exploded.

Mark did not let the girl have any time off for good behaviour. He dropped the vibrations down again, but made her ride out wave after wave of almost painful, orgasmic contractions under his immoveable hand. It was probably the longest orgasm the chit had ever had and quite possibly, the most painful.

Whilst Jenny was almost sobbing under the wand’s irrepressible, juddering bursts, she had managed to take control of herself and she did not move a muscle from the all fours position that had been assumed. There was no sway or squirming to be seen. Mark, quietly impressed, thought it was a sign of good things to come.

Meanwhile, Agnes had herself busy with plug number two. It was shorter and fatter than its predecessor and whilst it would be a snug fit going in, when it found its anchor point, it was there to stay. There was a long, black horse-hair tail attached to it, but unlike Petal’s normal tail plug, this one was designed as a removable attachment, to suit her bidder’s whim.

The shiny chrome butt-plug was now getting more than its fair share of lubricant and Mark’s fingers were once more working themselves inside Jenny’s ass, to prepare her for the invasion. The strain on Jen’s face began to show, her expression tightening into a hard knot as the effort of not moving became more and more difficult. He flipped the power button on the wand back up to full again and watched as her fingernails clawed the table. Agnes began to position the butt-plug at Jenny’s rear. The trainee’s eyes glazed over. This one would learn to love anal sex, Mark thought, although she might not think so on her first occasion. It all depended on the skill of the partner.

Agnes began to apply a little more pressure with the plug and a slow twisting motion. The tense set of Jenny’s body would deny it entry for the moment. He wanted to see if she would be able to deal with that on her own, so he bent down to her ear.

“Relax for me. Let go and take it all inside you. Concentrate, push out and the experience will be a whole lot less painful and a damn site more enjoyable. Can you do that for me?” He caught his chin with her finger and watched as her eyes connected with his. A frisson of sexual tension rippled through them both and it shocked him. Although he’d seen the jolt in her eyes and had been able to mask his, his desire for Miss Redcliff had just increased to the most painful frustration on his behalf that he had ever felt. If Agnes and Hetty had not been in the room, he would be banging the girl silly by now. So much for control. What was wrong with him? He had no time to consider the matter further.


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