Christina’s Thoughts on #50Shades THE MOVIE – Yes, I’ve finally seen it! #Romance


So, I began watching the movie with dread. Everyone had said how awful it was and the thought of being bitterly disappointed was saddening as the book itself is quite an entertaining read, no matter what your take is on the BDSM aspect.

The first thing that hit me, when the movie came on, was the sound of Jamie Dornan’s voice. Just sounded wrong to me for some reason. (Which is nuts… I have no idea what preconceived idea’s I had about Grey, but that booming deep voice was somewhat off-putting). Thankfully, I’d managed to overcome that as soon as they were in the Grey Holdings building, and…



I loved the tension. I loved the bitter determination in Dornan’s eyes as he set about recruiting Johnson for his particular brand of naughtiness… and the sex? It wasn’t bad. Perhaps a little tooooo tastefully done, but they’re trying to cater for all audiences, and I can understand Hollywood being a bit nervous about all this nakedness on set. Did it make me feel awkward, watching it? Hell no. But then again, Dornan didn’t exactly display an awful lot and as I’m female, I already have a good take on the fairer sex’s bits and pieces.

Did it translate well to the big screen? Yes. There were some great scenes in the helicopter and when they were gliding, and the music was well chosen.



That scene when Anastasia decides it’s all too much and walks out on him, telling him it was ‘Nice Knowing Him.’ I loved it when Grey got his own back, showing her just how ‘Nice’ he could be, and what she was potentially going to miss if she didn’t get with the programme…

Enjoyed Grey’s manipulation of Steele, loved both the fear and wonder in her eyes as she examines his ‘Playroom’ and loved the humour (which is probably one of the best parts of the film). The little twitches of sarcasm here and there are utterly brilliant, as are their texts and emails.

The Ending? Well, wasn’t that fabulous? Good for you, Steele! Show him what you’re made of. (But seriously? If you ask for a damn good spanking, be prepared to get one lady!!!)

What didn’t I like?

This is a personal thing, but Christian didn’t match up to my lofty heights. He wasn’t what I’d call a hottie (although I admit he’s not exactly hard on the eye!). I also know they had terrible trouble finding a man willing to take the lead at all, so I’m very glad he did. The storyline was also pretty condensed for the film, but they’ve only got a certain amount of time to play with (else people are going to need to pee in the movie theatre!) and they did a good job with it.


I think the critics were all set to slate this from the beginning and I think it got a rough deal. I don’t think they’ll be much nicer with two or three – but the fact that the trailer was nearly a box office hit, even before the film came out says it all. Men and women all over the world don’t mind a bit of kinky naughtiness on the big screen… it’s official.



OK, tell me your thoughts on the movie. Would love your opinions πŸ™‚

As for me, I’m now off to read ‘GREY’ and so far, that’s a whole other kettle of fish :/

9 thoughts on “Christina’s Thoughts on #50Shades THE MOVIE – Yes, I’ve finally seen it! #Romance

  1. I’m with you – I didn’t think it was the worst movie I have seen, and it was tolerable. The book was more fun. He just didn’t fit my image of Christian Grey or she of Anastasia so it was a little hard to swallow them from the beginning.

  2. I guess I had already read a few to many really hot BDSM books that were about D/s. Fifty Shades just didn’t cut it for me. Jamie Dornan had been in 2 series of The Fall prior to Fifty Shades. He was brilliant!

    • Phew! Glad I’m not the only one πŸ™‚ There was so much bad press about it, I almost didn’t want to watch it!! — I’m with you on the naughty scenes, though… little bit too tasteful… and I needed more LOL

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