#MasturbationMonday – The LATEX SUIT – #Anal, Insertables, Sex Toys!

Masturbation Monday

Hello and welcome to the best day of the week. Seriously! We get deep down and dirty here on Mondays, so if you don’t do naughty, look away… NOW!


A Rough Ride

Picking up the rubber suit that he had been carefully adjusting, the vet came to stand behind Jenny. “I’m going to need help getting her into this,” he said, and laying the item of clothing on the floor behind her body, he grappled with the left leg while Mark had some fun with the right. Stretching the black material as wide as it would go in their strong fingers, they slowly slid the elastic fabric along her calves and up to her knees. She did not fight them – mainly because she could not summon up enough energy for the task.

“The suit encompasses two generous plugs, both of which will pulse, vibrate and elongate at random intervals. It also features a clitoral stimulator and massager, which will tease our little pony to the brink of orgasm again and again over her forty-eight hour period of confinement, tormenting her to exacting standards. She will not be allowed to orgasm. The tiny wires that run around the latex suit will measure her heart rate, breathing rate, temperature, the contractions of both her vagina and anus, and the engorgement level of her labia. When combined these indicators give a very accurate idea of impending orgasm and the suit will shut off all stimulation for at least two minutes, allowing the subject to adequately calm down before its insidious torment may begin again.”

The vet lubricated the plugs which rested on the seat of the latex, currently beneath Jenny’s legs, and tested the mechanisms. A faint whirring sound could be heard as they began to hum and shudder, and before long they began to grow in size, both in length and width. They were constructed in flexible, black plastic and looked like they could do internal damage. She trembled and tried not to watch as he tweaked the dildos this way and that, watching them inflate and deflate on cue. They would be inside her soon. Strangely enough, the thought was not abhorrent. Her pussy was already clenching in its eagerness to receive them. Oh dear Lord. It was official – she was nuts. As the two men pulled the suit up around her thighs, one of the plugs gave the merest tickle upon her sex and she moaned with fervent need. Oh yes. Directing her hips downwards in order to try and rub herself against one of the dildos, she was immediately thwarted in her attempts by a swift slap from the vet who quickly aligned both of the sculpted black shafts with the correct penetrable holes. She purred. Embarrassingly, when he pushed them forward for entry, they began to slide smoothly forward, both of her holes having been already lubricated by the previous, skilled antics of Domingo and Armand.

Mark stroked the strands of Jenny’s fine, ebony hair and watched the vet’s progress with interest. He wasn’t going to have a battle on his hands with the fitting, surprisingly enough. He had expected Miss Redcliff to claw, kick and scream the place down, but no, here she was mewling like a kitten. He watched her eyes flutter closed as her neck tried to arch back in pleasure, though the movement was hampered by the thick white collar she wore. He gave her backside a small tap with the crop. It was enough to have her eyes springing open and they quickly darted up to his to display their venom. “You know better. Keep those eyes open. Everyone wants to see how much you’re enjoying the ‘Albrecht’ experience.” Scowling at him, she could do nothing to curtail her immediate reaction and as her eyes widened, searing heat flooded her cheeks. “That’s exactly it,” Mark winked at her and smiled when her lips compressed themselves in anger.

The vet, meanwhile, had finally encountered resistance with the last inch of both of his insertables. In order to combat the pony-girl’s tight anal walls, he began to pump them inside her with a slow and gentle rhythm. Taking a small tube out of his pocket, he applied a modest amount of lubrication on the anal plug for good measure.

Jenny was torn between a desire to suck the huge dildos quickly inside her or try to fight her base instincts and rebel. As her eyes flickered upwards to look dubiously in those of Mark’s before her, she already knew what a futile endeavour resistance would be. The man in front of her was a cold-

blooded as a snake and his eyes were already drifting away from her. She meant nothing to him. She was a number, one face in a stable full of beautiful female forms or an object that needed to be honed to perfection. That was all. She couldn’t, wouldn’t endure life like that with him, even if it was for only a few more hours until her rescuers finally managed to locate her. It would be intolerable. Pretty Boy she could handle. With Mark, she would be lost and she had a feeling that she might never find herself again. Snapping back to the present, she grunted aloud in pain as the plugs finally slotted home inside her. Her clit was then manipulated carefully between the vet’s fingers and inserted on either side of two soft rubber ‘ears’ that held it firmly in place. Then the tugging began in earnest…

The latex rippled across her body. It devoured inch by slow inch of pale, smooth flesh into its hungry jaws until there was only a sea of black rubber to seen. The material felt tight and suffocating but Jenny was so exhausted by the day’s activities that she didn’t have an ounce of fight left in her to halt its progress. As her limbs were worked this way and that to accommodate the slick fabric, her head reeled. Where was her escape ticket? Had she really been abandoned to this life of sexual servitude? It was certainly starting to feel like it. It was entirely possible that unless she managed to engineer a way out herself, she would remain a pony-girl at Albrecht until such time as someone chose to purchase her. Oh my God, God, God. What if there were no buyers? Would she remain here forever? Mark’s previous offer now seemed a whole lot more palatable than life as a dumb animal, trussed up tight and paraded daily around a paddock. She’d rather be a personal sex-slave than endure life with the mud, slop and straw.

The suit began to take hold of her body and its tight confinement was both frightening and exciting. Her thoughts were mush inside her head. One moment she was certain that rescue would come, in the next she was convinced that it wouldn’t. She knew her relationship with her father wasn’t good, but she didn’t think that he hated her enough to arrange to have her kidnapped! Was this all a mistake? It seemed to have been engineered very shrewdly, right from the beginning when she first entered the ‘Pony Rides’ hotel. That in itself didn’t mean that her father was responsible, it could have been any one of a number of people – but did anyone really hate her enough to do this to her? It was a crazy thought and no definite answer was forthcoming. Yes, she had been a tease to men but she had also given them what they wanted. She wasn’t aware of any of her previous boyfriends holding a grudge of this kind of magnitude against her.

The rubber crept upwards towards her clamped breasts. Mark lightly tugged on the chain which still connected them and smiled when he heard her gasp.

“You had better remove those,” said the vet. Her suit has specially formulated plastic cups which will knead and manipulate her breasts. It also features its own pair of nipple clamps, angled within the cups, which will tighten and release at regular intervals to torment its victim. Some of our ponies find nipple torment one of the easiest ways to achieve orgasm. We’ll be watching Petal closely to see if she is one of them.


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