#ScintillatingSunday – FORCED to BEG! #ROMANCE


My first day on Scintillating Sunday with Mile High Muses. Hmm… what shall we talk about? I know. I have a little something that’s been in the works for a while. One day I might get the chance to go back to it and have some fun… Let me know your thoughts?!?!


Forced to Beg

Lucile couldn’t breathe. She had been running for what seemed like an eternity and her lungs were on fire. Try as she might, she could not shake the man behind her. He had barely broken into a sweat as he chased her through the deserted park, but he was gradually gaining on her and by the looks of him, she was in trouble. She’d tried to escape his tagging for the last three miles of her run, doubling back on herself and zigzagging all over the place, but the man kept her doggedly in his sights. She had been careless and now she was in trouble.
The park was unlit at this time of morning, although that hardly mattered. It was early August and the sun was already beginning to reveal its glory over the horizon. Sleep had eluded her last night, so throwing on some jogging tights and a tank top, she had stubbornly decided to go out for a run at 4.00am in the morning. It was against the rules. She wasn’t supposed to go anywhere without a chaperone or a ‘bodyguard,’ but having being tailed her whole life, it was nice to escape and she welcomed the tiny moments of freedom she stole with both arms. Until today, that was. Now, she was feeling horribly stupid and wondering if she would get out of this mess alive, let alone unhurt.
Lucile Ursula Durrant was the daughter of Darius Durrant, a well-known rock star. She was supposed to live her life with the utmost caution. ‘There are plenty of crazies out there,’ she’d been warned, time and time again. She’d taken no notice. The curtailment of her freedom had been stifling and while her father might have asked for this life, she had not. She resented every moment of being coddled and continuously supervised. Her every movement was scrutinised and the simplest things like going out for a run, turned into a major chore when she had to have someone come along for the ride. She’d have been eaten alive had she woken Dan up for an early morning run, so she’d snuck out of her first floor window, landing as keenly as an alley cat and shot off for a good pound of the pavements. There shouldn’t have been a soul in sight.
Looking behind her again, her ponytail whipping her face as she did so, she realised the stranger was now putting some effort into his run and was beginning to gain on her quite rapidly. There was still no soul in sight and though Lucile tried her best to increase her pace, she was no match for the man behind her, even with the massive overload of adrenaline her body was now pumping into her system. Fear began to spiral through her body as she realised that not only would he easily catch her, but he could pretty much do what he wanted with her out here. She was on her own and if all she had to rely on was her wits, then she had already lost.
Thud. Thud. Thud. She could hear the smack of his trainers as he ate up the distance between them. Run, RUN, she tried to tell her body, but her lungs could take no more of the vicious pace he had set and the lactic acid build-up in her body was now almost crippling in its intensity. Her legs and arms burned with the near sprint she was performing and it wouldn’t be long before she fell into a heap on the group. A brick wall, filled with obscene graffiti, loomed in front of her. If she followed that wall for about 400m she would find the exit to the park and could escape onto the main road, where there might be the chance of traffic and safety. Whipping her head around again, wasting valuable energy, she knew she would never make it. The predator behind her knew the same thing. He was grinning at her and the fact that he knew she was caught put the fear of God into her. Her feet attempted one last burst for freedom. It was too little, too late. She didn’t have to turn her head around to know that the maniac was directly behind her because she could hear his breathing. Slow, even breaths of a trained athlete that was experiencing no discomfort chasing her around at this pace. Stumbling on the gravel path, her body finally giving up in defeat, the stranger caught her in a vice-like grip and slammed her into the brick wall in front of her. All the air was knocked from her body as the man pressed his hard body into hers, and there hadn’t been much of it left to begin with.
For a moment, there was nothing but eerie silence and that increased her terror ten-fold. Then, pressing her body even more tightly to the wall, he said, “What, no screaming or kicking? You’re just going to let me have my wicked way with you?”
“Fuck you,” she spat. What are you, some kind of pervert?”
“Fighting talk, darlin,’ but I can tell you’re scared witless. I can feel your heart hammering out the Cancan in your chest. Not such a wise idea to come running out on your own, was it? Especially when there are gentlemen like me roaming about. What say you drop your panties?”
Lucile had just about managed to catch her breath and used the entire volume of her lungs to scream in as loud a high-pitched fashion as she could manage. The stranger did not even flinch, nor did he appear unduly concerned. Alas, no-one came running to her rescue and when her fists began to pummel at his rock-hard chest, he laughed at her. “You’ll have to try better than that sweet-pea.” He traced the line of her lips with a fingertip and let his gaze linger on her body. He laughed at her shocked breath. Bringing her knee up to shove it hard into his groin, he effortlessly deflected her efforts and began laughing.
“Why you…” but she never got a chance to finish the sentence. He had her crashing into the shrubbery, flat on the floor and then his body covered hers.
“Saying your prayers, yet?” He winked at her.
Lucile brought up expertly manicured talons and tried to scratch his eyes out. He caught both of her wrists with little effort and brought them up on either side of her face. She glared at him with indignant fury at first, not fully realising the predicament she was in. Finally, her distress made itself know and her eyes filled with tears. This was really happening. To her.
“No. I am not going to rape you. For fuck’s sake don’t cry on me. Nod your stupid head if you understand.” Lucile had not expected that. What the hell was going on here? Through choked sobs, she slowly nodded. “I have been paid to be your shadow. You’ll rarely see me, but I’m always there. If, however, I see random acts of stupidity, such as those I’ve witnessed today – you’ll be receiving a lesson. Next time, however, I intend to put your ass over my knee and spank you senseless.” When Lucile spluttered in fury, her previous fear having now evaporated, he expanded his sentence. “That is not a threat, my dear. It is a promise. You’re a grown woman now and you need to start taking responsibility for your actions. So don’t make me mad. I ever catch you out on your own again, the pain you’re experiencing in your lungs right now is nothing compared to what I’ll meet out on your ass, or perhaps elsewhere for that matter.”
Her arms struggled futilely in his grasp and her eyes shot out wisps of red flame in their depths. “How dare you!” Her voice was ragged and her breath rasping.
“Oh, I dare alright. You have absolutely no idea of what I’m capable of.” He let his aquamarine eyes bore into hers. “In future, apart from the obvious caution where you ‘bring a friend,’ you might want to bring a pen. You can use it to go for an attacker’s eyes or groin. It’d be a start, princess. Unless you actually enjoy this kind of thing?” He winked at her. Lucile made a gurgling noise in the back of her throat and found herself utterly unable to put two sentences together. She was livid. It didn’t help that the stranger on top of her was remarkably good-looking at close range. So good-looking in fact, she decided to close her eyes to blot him out. “Will you get off me?” Biting out the words with as much venom as she could muster, she wriggled ineffectually beneath him.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, darlin.’ I am only human after all. Mind you, you’re barely out of school and I usually like ‘em a bit worldy-wise. You’re still a virgin, aren’t you sweetheart? Miss goody-two-shoes in one department, at least.”
Abruptly, he released her from the prison his body had made over hers and pulled her up to a standing position. Not giving her a chance to vent the expletives that were simmering on her tongue, he asked, “Got your breath back?”
“I’m twenty years old. I am not…”
“Good. If you can beat me back to your pad, then I won’t tell your father about your little indiscretion this morning. Ready, set, go!” Giving her ass an almighty swat with his hand, he raced off through the park. Lucile watched him rush off and silently fumed at the man’s audacity. Who did he think he was?
Her backside smarting furiously, Lucile stumbled into action, knowing she was fighting a losing battle. But she had little options left to her. She now wanted the safety of the anonymous stranger on her return home, which was a crazy thought in itself, and she didn’t want to be put under house-arrest until around Christmas, which was what would happen if she lost and that was being optimistic. It mattered now that she was old enough to make her own decisions; her father had made it clear that if she lived under his roof, she would abide by his rules. Not for much longer, thank God, as she had started to make plans to move out, but for the next few months she would have to toe the line.
Running with new-found enthusiasm, she chased after her antagonist to the best of her ability.


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