#MySexySaturday – Play Nicely & I Might Keep My End of the Bargain #Hot


Hello and welcome to My Sexy Saturday – the place that will keep you rolling about with your duvet all day long!! OK, enough of that. This week’s theme is ‘A Sexy Delight’ and I hope I’ve come up with the goods 😉


Desiring Death

He used a little more force than absolutely necessary to bang her into the ground. It wouldn’t do her any harm if she was a little breathless and winded. The less aggravation he had to deal with the better, in his opinion. He was on top, she was beneath him, and that was pretty much how things were going to be from this moment forward. Unfortunately, being the gentleman that he was, he didn’t do the job properly. She was still very much living and breathing beneath him and the girl intended to let him know how much she disapproved of his manhandling.

She fought him tooth and nail, but mainly nail, because he was careful not to let her teeth get near anything important. Those damn nails of hers had a party, though. They gouged into his chest, raking impressively long lines down his naked torso and that stung a little. After a little bit of a struggle, which he couldn’t deny was most enjoyable, he managed to get a lock around both of her wrists. Squeezing them tightly, he slammed her fragile hands into the earth above her and scraped them along the sand until they were stretched out tight over her head. Her chest heaved with the exertion of trying to wriggle out from underneath him, but you didn’t escape a vampire once they set their sights upon you. She was locked-down, panting for breath and giving him some of the best evils he’d been fortunate enough to witness in his long and illustrious career as a member of the undead.

‘Keep squirming like that and I’ll be taking you with a bit more enthusiasm than I’d originally planned. Don’t feel the need to stop on my behalf, though, the feeling is most agreeable and my nether regions are applauding you most wholeheartedly.’ She stopped all movement instantly, as was to be expected, and he gave a silent sigh of relief. There was only so much territory he could control within a vision, and she was making things difficult for him. It was rather ungenerous of her, considering this was her fantasy.

‘Get off me.’ Violetta had to battle to get those words past her lips. His body weight on top of hers was crushing the air-space in her lungs.

‘Say please.’ His big blue eyes gave her a long, piercing look and they blinked slowly. He felt the rush of heat that shot straight between her legs, even if she hadn’t computed it yet.

‘Your weight is killing me,’ she managed to grate, through teeth that were clenched tightly in pain.

He gave her a lazy smile and bent down to kiss the top of her nose. ‘Don’t make me repeat myself, princess.’ To drive his point home, he twisted his head to rest against the curve of her throat and scraped his teeth against the soft flesh of her neck.

‘You promised!’ The screech was impressive, considering he had yet to remove his weight from her body.

‘Then play nicely and I might keep my end of the bargain.’ He nipped at her jugular for good measure to show he meant business.

‘You win,’ she squeaked, and her head scrabbled about frantically, trying to dislodge him. He kept his teeth exactly where they were. ‘Please,’ she added with a soft little whimper and a hiccup. Immediately raising his heavy frame from her body and supporting his weight on his knees, he was careful to keep a good hold of her hands. He wanted no further scrapes this evening, if at all possible.

‘You’re going to learn to obey me, princess,’ he purred in her ear. ‘You’re going to learn to be silent unless spoken to, you’re going to be trained to follow every command that leaves my lips as soon as it’s issued and you won’t even think of defying me. The consequences of failing will be far too high.’

‘You’ll have to kill me first,’ she snapped back at him.

‘It is a distinct possibility,’ he agreed and then he let her raise both wrists in the air a little, as he moved into a more comfortable position, before crushing them back down into the grit and covering her mouth with his. He was not gentle. His lips crushed themselves against hers and his tongue immediately caught hers in a whirlwind of motion. He didn’t want that pretty little head of hers to think, she just needed to feel him. Hormones would take care of the rest.

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