Kayla Stonor – Restrain By Treaty (Review & Excerpt)

Kayla Stonor is already on my iPad and waiting to be devoured… this series tickles my fancy in all the right places đŸ™‚

The Smutsonian

Restrain By Treaty by Kayla Stonor
Series: Qui Treaty Collection #2
Source: Review by Request
Copy Provided by Agent
My Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

He hides his true form to spare her sanity. Will the truth destroy them, or is love truly blind?

After decades of war, the Qui Empress ushers in a new era when she takes a human tribute as her price for a peace treaty with Earth. She orders the surrender of all human prisoners of war.

Ardant’s mission is to retrieve Captain Bea Solomon and bring her safely home. He finds Bea at the mercy of a flesh dealer, so mistreated that the sight of Ardant’s winged lizard form terrifies her. To gain her trust and rescue both her mind and body, Ardant makes a decision that traps him in a lie.

Bea recovers in his care, blissfully unaware her savior is not the…

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