Interview with Alt/Fetish Model Kira Krueger

Loved this little number… and she’s so photogenic, isn’t she?

Mardi Gras Magazine

Teacher Photo by John Farrar Photography Teacher
Photo by John Farrar Photography

Kira Krueger can easily be described as an intense and sometimes fierce model that can dominate the camera, page and screen. A petite pocket badass standing at 5 ft 3 out of heels, Kira has so much dominance running through her work that she even makes this 6 ft writer feel short.


Which is perfect, because Kira’s work features a combination of dark fetish/high fashion looks that are both natural and futuristic at the same time.

Based in Manchester, UK, Kira’s half Thai/half Welsh, and a big fan of cosplay, PVC and latex, which she wickedly combines in her modelling work.

A one inch punch of positivity, Kira’s dark, daring, sweet and exciting, without ever having to prove it in any shape or form.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Kira Krueger…

How did you first get involved with fetish/alternative modelling?

The first pictures in fetish wear I…

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