#MasturbationMonday – FOODPLAY #Anal #Sex

Masturbation Monday

It’s that day of the week where we put our Monday Blue’s aside and focus on … NAUGHTINESS. Hoorah. Today we’re off for a spot of food play in Mark Matthew’s office – where else? 🙂


Named and Shamed

Knocking at Matthew’s door for permission to enter, he immediately waved her inside. Taking the carrier bag from the tips of her fingers, he laid the contents on his desk.

“Straddle the chair with your back to me.”

His voice sounded terse. Perhaps her little shopping trip had given him an appetite. One could only hope, thought Marianna wistfully. Doing as he asked, she waited in silence for his next instruction. None were forthcoming. Hearing the rustle of plastic on his desk, she guessed he was going to eat something first. Her thoughts were confirmed when she heard the sound of an apple being sliced in two. Her fingers tightened over the top of the chair back. She could feel the grain of the wood beneath her fingertips and absentmindedly smoothed her fingers along its surface in an effort to relieve her inactivity.

“Itching to move so soon, Miss Morreau?” When he murmured her surname, he used the French intonation, rolling the double r, and it sent a shiver right through her.

“Yes,” she whispered back. He began to peel her dress back up over her stockinged legs and as he reached the smooth, uncovered flesh of her upper thighs, he let his hands roam.

“Lean forward and push your bottom out,” he whispered in her ear. Marianna obliged.

“Beautiful. I see your dress has dried somewhat, pity.” Mark’s hands bunched the fabric upward with the heels of his hand and revealed a pair of deliciously pink, naked buttocks. “Cold outside, was it?”

She was aware that he was amusing himself at her expense, but also horribly distracted as both his hands had begun to snake underneath her backside. He inserted them between her legs and used them to splay her apart. His tongue traced a path down the delicate dip in her ass cheeks, which quivered in response. “At least I won’t need to ask if you’re wet.” Pressing something cold against her pussy, he began to slide it along her sex. She squawked and instantly tried to close her legs.

“Uh, uh, uh. Naughty behaviour like that, is rewarded like this. He gave her rear end a firm swat with the flat of his hand. It stung his hand, so the chit had certainly felt it. At any rate, she seemed to take the lesson on board, keeping her body nice and still as he gradually pushed the item inside her. Using one finger to tease her clit, he burrowed the item deep into her flesh.

Marianna could hear the sounds of fingers being sucked and licked clean. What on earth was he up to? As his fingers once again pressed for entry at her core, she tried to concentrate on the shape of the object being inserted, but other than ascertaining the item was cold and slightly wet, she remained clueless. He repeated the process three times and then backed away from her. Desperately wanting to ask what the item was, but daring not to use her voice unless express permission had been granted, she held her silence. She used her vaginal walls to clamp tightly on the objects jammed inside her and was rewarded with a cold trickle of liquid, which streamed down her leg.

“Hold them gently, Marianna. I don’t want to have to eat mush.” A single hand began to prize her ass cheeks apart and with the other he wedged little slices of something, similarly cold, between her buttocks. Light began to dawn. If she wasn’t much mistaken, they were sturdy slices of apple which were being held in place by little more than the curve of her ass. That meant he’d squeezed either strawberries or pieces of banana inside her. It appeared she was going to be breakfast, along with the fruit.

Approaching the front of her sublimely stretched body, Mark smiled at the expression on her face. It was an interesting cross between apprehension and lust. When her eyes immediately searched for his hands, he knew she had figured his game plan out. He slowly peeled his banana in three long slices and pulled it from its nesting place.

Her slick lips opened on a moan. Using a gentle mouth, she drew the soft length inside her.

“Not bad, Marianna, but you need to do better. Suck, my pretty little thing, suck.” To give the girl her due, she did exactly that, although she managed to gag at the end of her efforts. It wouldn’t do her

any harm. There was little more than quarter of the banana left outside the confines of her mouth and that was exactly how he liked it. “Don’t move.”

Marianna was hardly going to start running about the place with various soft and squishy pieces of fruit decorating nearly each orifice. Whilst the office staff wouldn’t be particularly shocked at seeing her run around naked, she might get a few stares with half an apple stuck into the crevice of her backside. Maintaining her position with as much precision as she could muster, and thinking that she really wouldn’t mind having half a banana for her breakfast, her carefully honed eardrums heard the sound of whittling. Matthews had his knife out again. What was he up to now? She didn’t have to wait long to find out. The first thing that he did on his return was place circles of fruit, which must have been either banana or strawberry along the ridges of her lower spine, at approximately 2 inch intervals. Then she felt something thick and sticky being poured over her back.

“It’s honey. I like my fruit sweet and my submissives even sweeter.” The statement was accompanied by a chuckle.

Marianna was glad someone was laughing. Honey was now being trickled down her ass cheeks and thick globs dripped to the chair below. Someone was going to have lots of fun clearing up this mess. Marianna could only be glad that the office toilets contained showers because she was certainly going to need one after this little episode.


“And now for the piece de resistance Mark said, and there was a lilt to his voice that Marianna did not like. The next thing she knew, something was pressed against her sphincter. Oh God. The man was twisting what had to be a small cylindrical piece of apple into her rectum. The honey made his job considerably easier. He applied considerable pressure for a minute or two before the apple slotted soundly inside her. All conscious thought disappeared and she moaned in heat.

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