#WIPITUP Wednesday – Naughty Games – Carrots and #Dildos!


Yes, we’re wipping it up again and there’s no cream in sight… Err, well, there might be, but it’s not the same thing – honest! Anyway, I’m in celebration mode here – The Ties That Bind has made it over the 50,000 word milestone mark. YAY! It’ll be over 100,000 before I know it…


The Ties That Bind

The Carrot

Although nothing immediately appeared to change, the atmosphere around the carousel heated up considerably. The men had managed to attain a certain gleam in their eyes and the ladies pursed their lips prettily and searched through their handbags. The wooden floggers, crops and hairbrushes of earlier began to appear fisted in several palms and everyone looked eager to use them. There were a few who were already testing the strength of their spanking hand out, displacing the air in front of them with violent swishes and swashes. If this was meant to frighten Jenny, it fell far short of its mark. She couldn’t wait for the real antics to begin. Her body had now calmed to an animated knot of nervous energy and the sound spanking she was about to receive was going to release it. This was going to be a purging, cathartic experience and she needed it, to get through whatever might lie ahead for her after this evening had finished. For now, she wanted to live in the moment, swing from the chandeliers and forget. She did not want to think, but she needed to feel. Every last sensation would be relished and they were going to make her fly. For tonight, she was going to hold on for dear life and see where the rabbit hole led. If she wasn’t much mistaken, it burrowed far deeper than she had originally thought.

A whirr of noise above caught her attention, but she could not turn her head to examine it further. It was clear that some sort of machinery was in motion. As the carousel was powered by foot, she guessed that it wasn’t going to be used to turn the ride. When the bright orange triangle of the carrot began to lower itself towards her mouth and the rounded tip of a dildo began to nudge for entrance between the folds of her sex, she knew she was in trouble.

Watching absently as the pony in front of her tried to dodge her intruder, she mentally constructed the game inside her head. The dildos were balanced on long steel poles and were a glossy black plastic with delicate, veined ridges upon them. They were thick, impossibly strong and well lubricated. Avoidance for any length of time was going to be difficult, but she managed to deflect its first invasion attempt with her left buttock. The big black cock didn’t take it personally, diving down towards the floor before quickly gearing up for another visit. Meanwhile, the smooth tip of the orange carrot lowered itself to her awaiting mouth, and there was no avoiding that. With her mouth peeled open wide by the shiny, steel lines of the Jenning’s gag, it glided in easily to the soft, pink interior of her mouth. It was cold, marble-like in texture and only dipped a couple of centimetres inside her jaw before it began to disappear upwards again. The machine was going to wear them down gradually, unless she was much mistaken.

Batting her eyelashes a few times, as if trying to ascertain whether the fairy-tale land she was in was going to pop in its own little bubble if she moved, she felt the dildo angled between her legs come up for round two. The attempt at penetration was once again avoided, but it took a good degree of wiggling and her black tail swished back and forth, tickling her buttocks as she did so. A few sniggers from the gathered crowd told Jenny that this was exactly the show they were hoping for and she realised that if she kept this behaviour up, she’d be giving these people the performance of the century. The trouble was, she found it impossible to stop herself. It was instinctive. As the dildo and carrot came at her a third time, her mouth reached for the carrot, whilst her sex shied away from the impossibly big, black boy beneath her. Perhaps it knew something she didn’t… in any case, Jenny wasn’t silly enough to realise she was fighting a losing battle, but fight it she would until she was forced to surrender.

When the first smack of a wooden hairbrush hit her firmly on her left thigh, she knew that time would not be long in coming.


And just like the Easter Bunny… keep hopping!

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4 thoughts on “#WIPITUP Wednesday – Naughty Games – Carrots and #Dildos!

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  2. Quit a beautiful picture I am seeing as I read this, yet oh so naughty. I want to be one of the spectators.
    I wonder how many times Jenny’s going to be able to avoid the big black toy beneath her.
    Your erotic creativity really blows my mind. I love your work. ♥

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