#WIPITUP Wednesday – #PonyGirl #Fitting!


Welcome to the Work In Progress Blog Hop that gives you a little glimpse into the naughty workings of Christina Mandara’s mind… (EEP!) Where are we today? Back at the Carousel… Petal’s about to be fitted for her… err.. ride.


The Ties That Bind

“Just wait there while I get your pole, Petal. I’ll have you screwed in before you can blink.”

Gee thanks, thought Jenny, who was all for a good screw, but less inclined to be attached and imprisoned upon a pole. Paying no further attention to Connor, who’d shot off behind her somewhere, she took a couple of minutes to examine the ride in detail.

The gentleman in the pinstriped suit turned his attention back to Jenny and smiled at her. “You’re one of the lucky ones this evening, Petal, if that’s the appropriate word. There are five horses who will pull the carousel along and four horses who will ‘ride’ it, so to speak. You get to ride, and I should think that’s the more preferable option, although I may be wrong.” With a swift slap to her buttocks, and an amused spurt of laughter at her shocked expression, he turned his back on her and walked away, shaking his head.

Jenny barely noticed. Her attention was already elsewhere. There were two things that were giving her unpleasant heart palpitations. One was the large black dildos protruding up from the floor that wobbled up and down as the carousel spun. As her backside was already plugged, it was clear which hole it would be aimed at, and it was both exciting and terrifying. People were going to be lining up to take her pictures of her, naked, and being impaled on a thick black cock. Problem number two was that it wasn’t going to be the only hole under fire. Above her head, resting beneath the beautiful landscaped frescoes that decorated the upper rim there was a row of bright orange carrots dangling from little green stems. There was no question that these were intended for your mouth. Each carrot had a carefully rounded tip and tapered design, but the top of the vegetable sported an impressive girth which would involve quite a workout if they intended for her to suck the whole thing. Interestingly there were also indentations in each carrot, for teeth presumably, and she had to wonder why they were there. All would become clear in good time. At the moment they were too high up for the ponies to reach, but she guessed they would be lowered as the ‘guests’ arrived. Looking around for Connor, and finding him nowhere in sight, she sighed.

This was an evening she should probably be dreading, and whilst a thread of fear ran through her body, it was anticipation that was the main emotion running amok inside her. Whatever happened, she guessed that her body was going to enjoy itself, and she’d come to the conclusion that her mind wasn’t offering up a whole load of objections these days. Her bottom loved being spanked, her skin craved the lightest of touches and all of her greedy little holes enjoyed being filled on a regular basis. Since starting at Albrecht, her sexual appetite had shot off the scale. They had turned her, oh-so-very-easily, into a wanton little pleasure slave that lapped up all of their attentions and begged for more. Did she still want to leave? Yes. Could she give up the incredible sex? Hopefully, she wouldn’t have to. Life with Mark Matthews would be just as kinky and depraved as life at Albrecht, unless she was much mistaken.



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7 thoughts on “#WIPITUP Wednesday – #PonyGirl #Fitting!

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  2. Those big black wobbling dildos! Omg she is in for the ride of her life.
    God the way you make a scene come to life woman. I’m panting over here… yes, literately. And oddly, I’m also hungry for carrots. Love your style, woman ☺

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