#MasturbationMonday – A Good #Spanking & WAND play


Welcome to another edition of #MasturbationMonday, the naughtiest day of the week. If you have Monday blues, never fear… we know exactly how to cheer you up 😉 Today’s excerpt comes from ‘Named and Shamed,’ book four of the Pony Tales series 🙂

Named and Shamed

If Jenny thought life was hard under the expert tutelage of Mark, being faced with a stable full of sex-starved pony-girls poses several more challenges. For instance, how do you bring eleven women to orgasm in a timely fashion? Tackling the problem with experimentation and enthusiasm, she finds herself enjoying the experience.

When training begins, it is anything but enjoyable, however. Harnessed in pony-girl tack, her body is encircled with leather, rubber and steel. It nips, chafes and rubs cruelly, especially when she is faced with a morning of naughty games in the exercise yard.

In Book Four of Pony Tales Jenny earns herself several punishments, the worst being: The Device. Subject to some very thorough sex indoctrination and exploited to the fullest, she is forced to submit to the whims of her groom, trainers and even the stable-hands. Will rescue arrive or will she have to beg to be released, with nothing more than her body as currency?


Jenny’s eyes followed Daniel and the other grooms as they made their way over to the fence without a murmur and began unfastening their trousers. Her mind was racing. Daniel was getting a beating because he had failed to make her climax? The trousers slid down their legs and their undergarments swiftly followed. All of them stood up ramrod straight, with their hands clasped in front of them and a hushed silence fell over the group of ponies. There were already tears in Red’s eyes and she began snuffling and sniffing, as if in pain.

Black Shirt wasted no time in getting stuck in. His flogger swished away, delivering stinging, smarting blows to the hapless fellows in front of him. Buttocks wobbled and trembled under his clever, heavy-handed swipes and Jenny could only imagine the looks of dismay that the grooms must have been wearing. His gloved hands beat down upon the five sets of ass cheeks with a controlled fury. Over and over again he let his instrument of torture rain down, until each pair of pale buttocks had turned a fiery red.

‘I’m going to blister these backsides,’ he announced loudly enough for all to hear, ‘so you are unable to use them for at least a week. That should ensure you don’t fail in any future tasks I set you.’

To their credit none of the grooms opened their lips once. Yes, there was the occasional gasp or whisper of pain, but nothing more. They all bore their punishment in stoic silence. This was not the case with the ponies behind them. Both Red and Ass Cheeks had broken down and were emitting great big heaving sobs from behind their bit gags. A couple of the other ponies had moved in close and offered consoling glances, which was as much as they were able to do considering the circumstances. Sir Lyle was intent on his duty, though, and if anything, the ponies cries just fuelled his ardent flogging. When one groom crumpled to his knees and CD nearly choked on her bit, there was a voice from several yards away that managed to break through the misery.

‘Good day to you, Sir Lyle. Lovely hand action, I must say.’ Jenny was familiar with that voice. Her day nosedived instantly. What did he want? Where the hell was her rescue brigade? Feeling her body tighten involuntarily at the sound of Mark’s greeting, she had a desperate urge to flee the premises, all though she knew how futile that would be trussed up as she was.

‘Ah, Matthews. Wonderful to see you old chap.’ Sir Lyle beamed. ‘Was that your helicopter I heard?’

Jenny kept her face hidden amongst the other ponies, not wanting to draw attention to herself, but her ears pricked up at that last comment. When Mark answered the question with an affirmative, her face crumpled in abject misery.

‘Yes, you know how much I enjoy the odd spot of flying, amongst other things… such as flogging.’ He eyed the whip in Lyle’s hand.

Sir Lyle took the hint. ‘Would you care to help me keep these grooms in line?’ He waggled his whip in the air and proffered it in Mark’s direction.

‘Oh? What have they done wrong now?’ Mark gave an amused but questioning glance for Lyle’s benefit.

‘They failed in an incredibly simple task. They had five minutes and a wand to get their ponies to orgasm. A wand, I tell you. See what a generous Dom I am? It doesn’t get any easier than that and still they failed. This shockingly appalling behaviour can’t be tolerated, obviously, and I’m providing remedial action to make sure that it never happens again.’ Another swish of the flogger could be heard on each of the five backsides.

‘Hmm, interesting. Can I ask which ponies managed to make it pasts the five minute mark?’

‘Red, CD, Ass Cheeks, Beauty and P.’

Mark’s eyes narrowed. ‘P?’ There were a few tittering laughs of amusement from the ponies. Jenny wanted to dig a hole in the ground and burrow all the way to Australia.

‘Yes, P. She’s one of our newest additions. Pretty Pink Petals. Have you met her yet?’ Lyle walked over to P, yanked at her reins and marched her over. He left her standing in front of Mark, for his inspection, while he returned to his whip workout.

It took Mark several seconds before he realised who was standing in front of him. With her short, black hair and lack of make-up, she looked like a different woman. The pretty, smart-ass socialite had been stripped of her artificial beauty and her tongue, judging by the long length of drool that fell from the corner of her lips. With her waist elegantly nipped inside her corset and her arms behind her back, the small but perfectly proportioned breasts appeared bigger than they really were. The hoof-boots elongated her legs and made her look slimmer. She had taken on an elfin look and if anything, it simply made her more appealing. He waited for her pretty blue eyes to raise themselves and connect with his, but she refused to co-operate. The fact that her eyes were downcast, spoke volumes. Lifting a finger gently to the underside of her chin, he raised her face and drank her in. Pure venom met him as he saw the sparks in her eyes. Her insolence was amusing. It saddened him to think that all defiance would shortly be whipped out of her. Albrecht wasn’t a game she could ever have a hope of winning.


Masturbation Monday


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