#WIPITUP Wednesday – Grace and #Latex!



Hello fellow wipsters! Yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s Wednesday and you’re still alive. Take a deep breath, go get a cup or coffee (or a glass of wine if things are really that bad…) and put your feet up. It’s time for more pony-girl madness. What else?


The Ties That Bind

“We’re nearly there, Petal. Try not to put any dints in the floorboards. You’ve got a thing or two to learn about grace, haven’t you? Submissives are supposed to use their wrists and elbows, and wiggling your ass while you do it shows good form. I know there’s no-body watching us at the moment, but practise makes perfect. Adele let Jenny’s leash slither slowly to the floor. She then got down on her hands and knees and did exactly what she’d described. It was a slow, seductive, side to side crawling motion, where her ass swung to and fro and her fingers barely touched the floor. “See? If you want to make your life easier in this new world you’ve found yourself in, then take it from me you need to use your body to each and every advantage. Sway, wiggle, taunt, tease, lick, blink, gasp and moan at every opportunity. Wrap the men around your fingers. Make them mindless with your every move. Make them feel. The more desirable you make yourself, the higher calibre of bidder you will attract and, generally, the better your life will be. Make them jealous of every male look that comes your way, use all that testosterone to your benefit. So come on, show me, and for God’s sake lose the self-conscious waddle. Your life now has a capital ‘N’ for naked imprinted upon your forehead and you need to get with the programme. Use those assets. Show me…” Adele beckoned her forward with the crook of a finger, her glossy, French-manicured nail oddly compelling. “Lose the inhibitions, be proud of that body and make my eyes fly out of my head.” Adele’s lips pouted prettily and she raised her head up in challenge, but Jenny had already heard all she needed to hear.

There was a sparkle in her eyes and a tilt of her head as she almost glided across the floor. Looking directly at Adele, she blinked slowly, twice, and let the flutter of her long eyelashes reveal the bright blue irises beneath. Her full lips opened softly and she licked slyly at them with her tongue. Then she wiggled her ass. A gentle sashay from left to right, she used her hips to swing her backside from one end of the room to the other. As she came within inches of Adele’s face, she smiled ever-so-slightly and bared her most coquettish expression for full effect.

It was met with a satisfied smile. “That’s exactly it, Petal. Knew you had it in you. Now remember that look for later. This is an evening that every man here will remember for years. Make sure your face is uppermost in their minds. Well, that’s enough from me for now. See the open door at the end of the corridor? Your make-up artist is ready and waiting to transform you into something incredible, so get ready to party, Petal. It’s going to be one hell of an evening.


Jenny stared at Adele’s retreating figure behind her and then at the innocuous-looking room in front of her. The door had been painted bright white and the room inside was brightly lit for there was a table located just beyond the door with a large crystal vase that sparkled all the colours of the spectrum. The glass table it rested upon had been polished to such a high sheen that the thing reflected every single one of the vase’s facets. The walls were a soft, pastel green, there was an old fireplace above which hung an enormous art deco mirror and two upholstered carver-style armchairs that looked almost comfortable. Jenny would have given away a pair of her Jimmy Choo ‘Damsel’ sandals in order to sit down on it. Sighing, she took another fleeting glance behind her and discovered that she had been left to her own devices. Should she make a run for it? Before the thought had even taken hold, Jenny realised what a stupid one it had been. There were staff everywhere, doors that had internal locking systems and there were probably hidden cameras as well. Add to that the fact that running in chains was going to be precarious at best, she guessed that it was time to accept her fate and save her battles for those which she stood a chance at winning. Sucking in a deep breath, she crawled forward briskly and let her head pan around the room slowly.

The first thing that struck her as odd was the plastic sheeting, liberally covering most of the floor space to the left of her. The second thing would be the two naked girls lying down on the floor with their legs spread wide open. The third would be the guys between their legs, holding what looked like a shiny silver gun. If that wasn’t weird enough, one was being covered in purple spray paint and the other was getting a brilliant orange coat. The paint was being sprayed everywhere, and she meant everywhere. The two women appeared to be immensely enjoying the experience for the expressions they wore could have melted stone.

“Ahh, you must be Petal. We’ve been expecting you. You’re the last of the girls who are getting a full body spray for the carousel ride. Why don’t you hop on in the bathroom with Georgia and she’ll prime you for the art work. I’m afraid it might sting a little, but that can’t be helped. We’re using alcohol based paint because Leyland’s very particular that there are no smudges, wrinkles or rings in his ‘muses.’ The stuff we use can be worn for hours, but you’re having a change mid-way through the evening, I hear. You’ll get scrubbed down and repainted in liquid latex for part two, and boy are you gonna love that. It feels like your skin is covered in plastic, but we’ll talk more about that later. “Georgia!” As he shouted out the name, an elfin-looking waif with shockingly purple lips and hair popped her head around the bathroom door. “This one’s a real-life pony. Time to get her greased up, but don’t enjoy yourself too much, eh? We’re on a schedule here.” He gave her a wink. “You’ve got twenty minutes and then I want her out here, OK?” He pointed to the plastic mats below, just in case she hadn’t got the idea.



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