In Bed with Scarlett Flame – #Interview & Excerpt! #Erotica


In Bed With Scarlett Flame

Today I’m lucky enough to be interviewing the talented ‘Scarlett Flame’ authoress of ‘Bound for Passion.’ I will be asking naughty questions (leopards don’t chance their spots…) and featuring a juicy excerpt. Hope you enjoy her answers as much as I did 😉

Tell us a little something about your bedroom. Décor, duvet pattern, view, alarm clock – we don’t mind…

Well I am just about to redecorate my bedroom but I have in there, ( which I intend to keep) a fantastic mirror with lights all around it, reminiscent of movie stars.

I have a large king size bed in there too, but that may also be changed when I get going as I have had that some time.1. What’s your favourite item of sleep wear?I have a lovely negligee in black chiffon and lace which I love to wear but I always end up sleeping naked so, I ended up taking it off eventually

I’m all for sleeping naked, too, it’s good for you didn’t you know? Right, next question: Do you have a teddy bear lurking anywhere?

I have a number of teddy bears in my bedroom Christina, including a lovely me to you one that sits on my bed. Although I used to have a porcelain doll in my bedroom and used to turn it to face the wall each night as I always felt it was looking at me! Chucky style!

Do you ever dream about the characters from your books?

I have often dreamed whole chapters of my books. As all my male protagonist are built beautifully, and generally alpha males they can populate my dreams too.

Where is your writing cave?

I write blogs and interviews generally at my computer but used to write everything by hand. Nowadays I write either sat on the settee in my living room or curled up in bed, although I have sat and written in a very posh hotel in York, in the bar. Got a few people’s attention and a couple of books sold that way too. I am going to try writing elsewhere as I write by hand then type up my work, (editing as I go,) later, making my writing cave pretty portable.

How do you come up with your naughty plot lines?

A number of ways. People have sent me ideas for plot lines via Facebook and twitter. Some include snippets that I have myself experienced and research is a wonderful thing too. I read avidly as well, I have read all of your riding school books apart from the latest one.~Blushes~ Aww thank you! Now for my favourite question: Do you ever do in-house research?

Ha ha ha, love this question. Hmmm I presume you mean experiencing some of the many scenarios I have written about. Now that would be telling wouldn’t it? I do have a lot of Dominant, sub and switch friends too and they are good at guiding me with certain areas in my books. Putting me right when I outline a scene that would not fit aka as some of the uncomfortable scenes in 50 Shades that many in the scene believe are abuse.

Hmm, I’m translating that answer as a ‘I’ve done a few,’ LOL! Interpretation is a wonderful thing 😉 Right, if you could spend a day in bed with a celebrity, who would you choose? And what would you feed them…?

This is pretty easy to be honest. It would be Eric Northman from True Blood fame, who wouldn’t with a rear and body like that….drool. I would feed him strawberries and champagne Maybe some steak, you know what they say about red meat?

I love Eric Northman. Great answer. Tall, blond, vampire and ultra Alpha Male. I’d spend a day in his bed (and the night, too, anytime!) Concentrate Christina…. Where was I? Oh yes, name your all-time favourite book?

It’s a trilogy really, has to be The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien.The one you secretly keep under your pillow…

Yours of course Christina, whichever is the latest edition.

Hmm, that’s got to be quite a lump under your pillow. GRIN. OK, what are you working on now? And what can we expect from you this year?

I am trying desperately to finish the first in a series of books called Dragon Queen, the first one being The Prophecy Unfolds (Dragon Queen) It is the first in a series of erotic paranormal romance books set on the Steampunk world of Syros. I have a synopsis ready for the next two in the series ready to work on too. I am hoping that will be published before the end of April at the latest.I am also going to produce a second erotic anthology in the series Passion, a number of people are avidly awaiting that one. That will be out some time in the summer, probably tail end of August with luck.

BookCoverPreview Bound for passion

Excerpt from ‘The Prophecy Unfolds:’

Finally, my life was getting back on track following a worrisome number of months. I had had a great deal of trouble sleeping lately as I had been continually disturbed by dreams I could only describe as nightmares! These dreams always included the same shadowy characters with obscure faces, the one recurring theme though, is that in my dreams, I became very intimate with each and every one of them. To say this wasn’t in my nature would be nothing short of an understatement.
In all my relationships to date I had always maintained monogamous emotional and physical ones. Basically, I am a one man girl and wouldn’t dream of being unfaithful in the least! Perhaps because of this, these dreams proved highly disturbing and included sexual acts that I’d heard of, but had never participated in, or even anticipated participating in, thus adding to my discomfort.
This story began after I had driven through the beautiful Welsh countryside on my way to check out some accommodation that I had secured. This was intended to act as a base to work from Monday to Friday at my new job
Previously, I has worked in a general hospital close to my family home, but recently decided to spread my winds after ending a long term relationship with my childhood sweetheart Paul.
I decided that I now needed some space to develop new friendships and to put my love life on the back burner for some time and my career would become my first priority. So, this was part of that plan and I had just agreed to work on a contract as a Children’s Nurse for a nursing Agency in a hospital situated near to Bangor in North Wales.
I had been driving through the Snowdonia National Park where pine trees crowded either side of the road and I spotted a little picnic area to one side, flanked by a small car park. It was beautiful sunny day and as I had brought along a packed lunch so I decided to park up and take advantage of the glorious weather. I parked my car and then realised that mine was the only car but thought no more about it. I had no problem eating my sandwich here at the edge of the forest.
I retrieved my sandwich, carton of orange and the book had just started and wondered over to the farthest table. This was one closest to the forest so that I could watch the squirrels and birds I’d spotted as they searched amongst the bins for crumbs to eat.
I’d sat there enjoying my book for about ten minutes when two things happened. Firstly, I became aware that a hush had suddenly descended on the forest, and I could no longer hear the scampering of the squirrels or the birds singing. When I looked up for that matter could no longer see any of them around the area they had occupied only a few minutes earlier.
The second thing was the sound I heard, I can only compare that to that of the sound barrier being broken, a whoosh and a slight popping noise. Yet, immediately after the birds and squirrels were back chirping and moving through the grass once again.
I must have stood and moved unconsciously when this had happened, so returned and sat once again going back to the page in my book and continued to eat. Instantly, I felt the hairs rise on the back of my neck and became aware of feeling uneasy. I raised my head to find myself being watched intently . I had had no recollection of hearing anything like footsteps on gravel, or twigs or leaves being crushed underfoot. Nothing that could have helped me anticipate someone approaching.

Want to get your hands on Bound for Passion? Click here.  And for a limited time only it’s available at the bargain  price of 99p and 99 cents in US & UK between 23-29th of April 

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I am an avid reader and writer, and share my reviews of books, gigs and my adventures (when I have them) on my Blog. So, please visit often.

I live in Manchester, England and love to listen to live music, especially Indie. I have written stories and poems all my life, but only seriously, recently.

I am passionate about writing, and write about passion.






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