A Shifted Wedding – by C.E. Black #NewRelease!!


C.E. Black

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

Date of Release: March 2, 2015

Word Count: approx. 34,000

Cover Artist: C.E. Black



Take a glimpse into the Alpha Division, when the missions are put to the side, guns are left at home, and the claws have been retracted. In an unusual change of pace, the team has a couple of nights off before Sam, Alex, and Jordan’s big day. They want it simple, low key and relaxed. That includes their bachelor/bachelorette parties. But one Alpha thinks adding a little bit of trouble, never hurt anyone. *Warning: This book contains strong sexual content, violence and adult language. Not suitable for readers under the age of 18. **This novella is not meant to stand alone and would be best read after both Shifted Temptations and Shifted Perceptions.


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“Tomorrow is the big day!” Foxy sang as she shook her ass before flopping down on the couch. Liz sat up straight next to her and smiled.

“Tomorrow,” Sam nodded, twisting her brown hair around her finger before pulling it around to lay on her shoulder.

The house was full, the men in the kitchen, sitting around the table gossiping like women, as Sam, Foxy, and Liz declared the living room theirs. The men’s boisterous laughter could be heard throughout the house, as the guys ribbed each other playfully. The ball and chain jokes thrown at Alex and Jordan had the women rolling their eyes on more than one occasion.

“I’m glad it’s finally able to happen,” she continued. “With the way everyone’s schedule has been, I thought we’d never find a day that worked for everyone.”

“So, what are we doing tonight?” Foxy asked.

“Nothing,” Sam shrugged.

“Well,” Foxy’s smirk had trouble written all over it, “we should totally go out. I’ve always wanted to go to a bachelorette party!”

Sam shook her head, “I don’t think that’s a good idea,”

Liz reached down into her purse and pulled out a notebook, flipping through the pages as she shook her head no as well. “I don’t know if there’s any room in the schedule. I wanted to get started on the decorations tonight.”

“Oh, come on!” Foxy threw her hands up. “I’m sure there’s enough time to go out for a couple of hours at least.”

“And show up tired on my wedding day? No, thank you,” Sam groaned.

“You don’t have to get drunk. Hell, you don’t even have to drink.”

That wasn’t what Sam meant, but she wouldn’t correct her. Arguing with Foxy was as useless as banging your head against a wall. However, Sam did think her proposal over for a minute.

Foxy watched her, an encouraging smile curving her lips. Maybe something small, Sam relented with a nod, “Okay.”

“Whoop!” Foxy jumped up and fisted the air. “I know the perfect place and the men are out of this world, H. O. T. You are going to have so much fun-”

“Whoa, wait!” Sam held up a hand, her voice shrill as she cut her eyes toward the kitchen, before lowering her voice. “Are you talking about a strip club?” she whispered. “Because if so, then the answer is no. Jordan and Alex would flip their lids. And don’t you even tell me Paul would be any happier.” Her glare was narrow and sharp as she pointed a finger at Foxy.

Foxy flopped back down on the couch with a sigh as Sam continued. “But going out does sound nice. Why not a low key dinner or something?”

“The strip club would have been fun,” Liz agreed, causing the other two women to look at her. “What?” she asked.

“You want to go to a strip club?” Sam’s jaw practically unhinged.

Liz had been her best friend since college and she had never done anything remotely crazy. In fact, she never even mentioned wanting to get wild. Wild for Sam and Liz consisted of an extra shot of espresso at the local coffee house. Or maybe buying that royal blue eye shadow that looked awesome on Liz, but of course, she never wore it. Too wild.

In fact, when Liz found out Sam was seeing two men, you would have thought Sam had told her aliens had landed and wanted to procreate for all the shock she portrayed.

Sure, it had been out of character for Sam as well, but now she wished they’d met a long time ago. And Liz really had been supportive, getting over her disbelief pretty quickly.

But a strip club?

Liz shrugged, as her eyes fell back to the notepad. Sam stared at her friend a moment, her brows drawn. Liz had been acting strange lately. Not just with the strip club comment, but she seemed… Sad. Kind of like she had the whole world resting on her shoulders. Whatever was bothering her friend had Sam worried and she made a mental note to have a talk with her soon.

“I just said it sounded fun. I’ve never been to one before,” Liz said without looking up, as if that should be the end of it.

Shaking off her surprise and worry, Sam nodded her head, giving her this one. “Well, it’s not happening tonight. Not if I want to live.”

“Oh, come on,” Foxy rolled her eyes. “Alex will keep Jordan from wringing your neck.” Sam only rolled her eyes. “But seriously, they would never hurt you. So what if they get a little pissed. It makes playtime more fun.” Foxy waggled her eyebrows and stood. “I’ll be right back. Just think about it, okay?”

Sam nodded, but there wasn’t anything to think about. She would not be going to a strip club and that was final. No way would she put her relationships in jeopardy. Especially the night before her wedding.

Sam glanced at Liz and mirrored her friend’s raised eyebrow. Foxy was crazy.



Do you like sweet romance or naughty erotica? How about a little of both? C.E. Black writes fantasy and paranormal romances that captivate you with sensual love stories, yet will keep you on your toes with action packed scenes and sexy characters.
C.E. Black has a full time job keeping up with her husband and two children. Between bouts of writing, they keep her more than busy, but her nights belong to her imagination, where in dreams her stories unfold.

Find C.E. Black Online:

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