#MasturbationMonday – #Anal Dilators!

Masturbation Monday

Hello and welcome to everyone’s favourite day of the week…. MOANDAY. Hands up, who needs cheering up? Who’d like some extreme naughtiness? Then read on, for today we’ve got a snippet from ‘Hot to Trot’ which is being reviewed by the Smutsonian tomorrow and it doesn’t get much dirtier… you’ve been warned!


Hot to Trot – Anal Dilators

‘Can you feel it,’ he whispered?

If the ridiculous man meant could she feel his crop rubbing up and down her clit and trying to work its way slowly into her pussy, then yes, she could. It would be kind of difficult to miss. Her body shuddered in response, even though it had orgasmed not 20 minutes before. The crop retreated as soon as it had discovered she was wet. Jenny could curse the fact, but it didn’t seem to matter because whatever Mark did to her, she was doomed to drown in a pool of her own arousal. She still felt cold from the ice play and the tiles under her knees and legs did not help to regulate her overall body temperature. When his fingers began to knead her backside, not unlike an unbaked loaf of bread, she growled upon her bit. That area of flesh was still very tender. What was he up to? When his fingernails scraped down the side of her left ass cheek, she gritted her teeth. It wasn’t really painful, but it was certainly uncomfortable.

Withdrawing his fingernails and nodding to himself, it was just as he had suspected. Those buttocks were becoming desensitised to pain. She could do with a top-up to redden those beautiful globes and give her an added inducement to keep the dilator deep inside her. Without warning he cracked the crop across the middle of both buttocks three times in quick succession. The final stroke had her back arcing upwards in a lovely convex manner. It had certainly got her attention.

He pressed the tapered head of the dilator towards her sphincter and used his finger and thumb to pull back her ass cheeks, allowing the lubricated head to penetrate more smoothly. It only needed a small twist and a few pumps before it was sucked inside her.

‘Perfect.’ He rubbed the reddened area of her backside and his eyes took on a dark gleam as she shrank away from his touch. ‘Your job is to keep that tight inside you. The first time it drops out, you’ll get four stripes and a bigger dilator. The next time it will be five stripes and… yes, you’ve guessed it… a bigger dilator.’ He bent down towards her ear again and whispered, ‘The third time it drops out you get six stripes, a thick plug to push into your backside, an even thicker plug in your pussy, my cock fucking your mouth and one hell of a ride. Perhaps we should just skip to the third stage and stop all this messing around?’ When Jenny’s head shook in horror, it was an effort not to burst out laughing. What a killjoy this one was. What she didn’t know, was that there was no way she was not going to suck every last inch of his cock and he would come all the harder for being made to wait. He sat back to watch Jenny’s struggle with her untrained muscles and found that the added adrenaline now flowing through his system was a delicious turn-on.

Her face was drawn in concentration. It was hard work keeping her muscles continuously clenched against the slippery invader. She could still feel the three slices of his crop burning into the flesh of her behind and had no wish to add to them. As long as she kept concentrating, there shouldn’t be a problem.

It was nice to be clean. Mark had done a thorough job of removing all the grit and dirt that had begun to irritate her, so at least one of her woes had been taken care of. It was also nice to have her ass filled once more and she was beginning to wonder what it would feel like to have his cock there, imagining Mark’s hips thrusting away and slamming into her. She’d always assumed anal sex would be horrible, painful and dirty. Jenny was swiftly rethinking her beliefs. She was desperately aroused by the dilator filling her and had a feeling that the sensation would be doubled if it was a thick, hard cock instead. With her eyes closed behind the blindfold, it was too easy to picture his hands on her waist, an arm sneaking up to caress her breast, his cock nudging for entrance and squeezing its way slowly into her tightest of holes. Stop it, she told herself, you have sex on the brain and a twisted maniac who’s manipulating your every move. You should not be provoked by all of these silly games. A drop of saliva dribbled down her chin, hit the floor and sprayed the back of her wrist. She jumped. The dilator made a loud sucking pop and clattered noisily to the floor. Jenny couldn’t help it, she was desperately aroused and she was also trembling. Mark’s crop was something to be equally admired and feared.

Four minutes. Not bad he supposed. The quicker the better, in his opinion, as there were only two dilators to go before he got to sample the goodies. Feeling mean, he let the looped leather tip of his crop caress the skin of her inner thighs. An upwards stroke, a downwards stroke and he proceeded to repeat the action on the other side. He watched as her slight quiver turned into a definite wobble. He then pressed the tip to her clit and gave her three little nudges. They weren’t strong enough to cause any harm, but she gasped at each one, nonetheless. Good. She was ready to take a little pain for him.

Jenny had expected the thin line of his crop to attack her backside again, but when the crop landed it attacked both of her outer thighs in quick succession. The shock was probably worse than the pain, but it still smarted cruelly. Then, there was silence. Where were the last two? The bastard was going to make her wait for them. Trying to still her shaking body, she cursed him every foul word under the sun. Eventually, they struck. Again they were unexpected and they hit vertically across the expanse of her back. From shoulder blade to the base of her spine she had two new welts to contend with and those produced a definite tingle.

Mark found himself thinking that it was a damn shame the girl wasn’t his submissive. If she had been, he’d have made her thank him for each and every stroke. Although he would never consider taking on a reluctant sub, in her case, he could almost be persuaded just for the satisfaction of hearing the bitter tilt to her voice as she breathed her gratitude for his particular brand of discipline. Then he’d make her beg to suck his cock and why stop there? She would beg to have all of her lovely holes filled, fucked and thrusted into and, every now and again, he might take pity on her and do exactly that. Mark shook his head, he was almost as easily distracted as she was. Picking up the medium-sized dilator with renewed purpose, he began to work it inside his little filly. This baby would really open her up. At just under four inches in length, she wasn’t going to like it much.

Where can I grab myself a copy of this shaughty book (shockingly naughty for those that were wondering…)? Amazon and all other good book stores of course 😉 http://mybook.to/HTT


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  2. “Shaughty”– oh, that’s so bad and so good (really glad you didn’t go with “shnaughty” on that one– ick!)

    Loved this! Totally dirty in all the best ways~

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