#MasturbationMonday – #Virgins are a Pain in the #Ass!


Masturbation Monday

Hello and a big wave from me because it’s Monday and it’s that day of the week where we talk… Masturbation. Well, just general naughtiness really, but you get the idea:) I’m back with Desiring Death and Wet T-shirt competitions. Enjoy 😉



Desiring Death

‘If there was a wet t-shirt competition in these parts tonight, you’d win by a mile.’

Violetta, now furious after her near-death experience, flared a pair of violent, violet eyes his way before her hand reached up to slap him. He simply caught it, imprisoned it and smiled. ‘You humans are so frustrating,’ he sighed, reaching up to caress the tip of her nipple which was clearly outlined by the soaked, now see-through material of her dress. ‘You know I’m a killer, you know I’m dangerous and yet, still, you act in a totally deranged manner after I’ve taken the trouble to come and rescue you. If you want to die so badly, be my guest.’ He abruptly released his hold on her and her body instantly began to sink.

Violetta screeched and flapped about, her arms lashing out to find some kind of purchase on his body before she went under yet again. ‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry,’ she sobbed. ‘I’ll play by your rules. Just get me out of here.’ Her hands managed to find their way around his neck and she clung onto his body for dear life.

‘Hmm,’ he said, tipping his face down to meet hers and letting his dark gaze do its worst. ‘So, let me reiterate our deal, to avoid confusion. We’re going to have sex and you’re going to do everything I say. ‘The everything I say part’ is rather important. We clear?’

‘You were playing nicely before?’ At her caustic words, he gave her a raised eyebrow and began to push her away from him.

‘We’re clear, we’re clear! Everything you say. No kicking or screaming. I remember.’ Her arms had taken on an almost limpet-like quality around his shoulders and she buried her face in his neck. ‘No biting, though, please,’ her voice was small and resigned against his chest.

‘That was the agreement,’ he nodded. Picking her up once again so he cradled her backside in his arms, he watched as her breasts moved and swayed with the current. He observed her for at least a full, silent minute before he issued his first command. ‘Touch yourself for me.’

Violetta saw where his gaze had stopped and she knew exactly what he wanted from her, but had absolutely no idea how to go about it. ‘I don’t know what you mean,’ she whispered, and then added in a panic, ‘but I’m willing to do it, if you explain. Touch myself, how?’


Martinet sighed and rolled his eyes. Virgins were one moment delightful, and in the next, paradoxically, a pain-in-the-ass. ‘Your breasts, darling, I want you to touch them for me. I don’t mind if you knead them, stroke them, rub them or pull at them – just do what feels nice. I want you to pleasure yourself for me.’

The girl looked at her hands rather helplessly for a minute and bit her lip. It wasn’t so much that she didn’t know where to place her hands, or even how to begin, the issue was that he was watching her. He waited for the inevitable plea and it wasn’t long in coming.

‘Couldn’t you just close your eyes? Or perhaps look in the other direction? I don’t feel comfortable…’ She yelped. He’d relaxed his tight hold on her, which meant that her body was now sinking back into the water.

‘Now where would the fun be in that? The whole point of this exercise is that I become aroused watching you play with yourself. I want to see those eyelashes flutter; I want to hear you moan in heat, but most of all, I want to watch for that special moment when you forget I’m even here.’ He smiled cynically, ‘Though I’ll most probably remind you, shortly after.’ He whipped his hands out from underneath her and let her splash around for a bit. She was even more stubborn than he’d given her credit for, or completely stupid. He wasn’t quite sure which.

‘OK, OK!’ Her hands were quick to grasp both of her breasts, in compliance with his wishes, and he rewarded her with the comforting presence of his hands.

‘The next time you fail to obey my order immediately, I’m walking and I’m not coming back.’ The biting words rang out loudly and echoed in her head. If Violetta was in any doubt to the sincerity of them, one glance at his humourless face told her all she needed to know. The man was deadly serious. Well, what did she expect? It wasn’t as if he had a conscience. He was a deranged, monstrous, sexy-as-hell, drop-dead-gorgeous blood-sucker and she’d do well to follow his instruction to the letter and run whenever an opportunity presented itself. For now, she was going to do everything he said. It helped that a hundred-weight of endorphins had now started to rattle through her body at breakneck pace and all she wanted was for the beast to get his hands on her and show her a good time. She’d heard so much about the act of lovemaking, and had yet to put any of it into practise. Now that she had no choice but to follow his every instruction, the embarrassment of being watched left her, to a degree, and she began to explore her body as instructed.



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