#MasturbationMonday – #SPANK A LICIOUS!


Masturbation Monday


Hello and welcome to Masturburbation Monday. That day of the week where we go OOh and AAhh. What’s up for this week’s episode…  well, read on and find out ;



After an exhausting crawl back to the stables, Jenny found herself smartly lined up with all the other ponies. Squirming in the prickly hay, a long line of bare buttocks were mounted in the air, quivering with apprehension. Thankfully, she couldn’t feel the annoying spikes of the bedding beneath her, but that did not mean she was at all enamoured of the thin cocoon of latex which protected her. She had been in the suit less than two hours and she could honestly say that she would have happily traded her soul in order to escape it. Gearing up to torment her further, the incessant vibrations increased and with shocking intensity.

Similarly on all fours, the girls in front of her had been stripped of most of their tack and given a good rub down. Their bodies displayed the tell-tale marks of a good grooming and every single inch of skin on display had pinked in colour, some more than others. Each ass cheek, without exception, had blossomed from the pale white hue upon awakening to the colour of brilliant fuchsia. They had obviously been waiting for her and none of them looked particularly pleased. Ah yes, that would probably be because they were all getting a few extra spanks due to Lyle’s nastiness, yesterday. It was hardly her fault and what was an extra ten spanks between friends, anyway? It wasn’t as if most of these weirdo’s didn’t enjoy it, was it? To be honest, Jenny had even decided that she was looking forward to a little heat on her backside, because the damn vibrating dildos were beginning to drive her mad as they twisted and drilled themselves inside her. The suit had taken its time with a slow build-up of sensation and it was now beginning to get nasty, employing all of its nefarious devices in perfect unison. Still, it hadn’t managed to get to her yet and she refused to let its continuous pestering affect her. Mind over matter, she told herself. You can beat this. You can beat them. The only question was time.

“Have all the grooms got their spanking hands ready and primed?” Kyle was wearing a sickening grin as he faced them all and his wide-legged stance with his green crocodile boots pointed in opposing directions meant business. He rubbed his hands together as if to confirm his obvious glee, before he continued, “We’ll start with a warm-up hand spanking, to get the fillies used to the idea, and then we’ll progress to paddles. When I think we’ve adequately prepared these asses, we’ll finish up with our final ten additional spanks of the evening, which have been provided courtesy of Miss Redcliff, and these will be delivered by your belts, gentlemen.


***** Hopping Along *****

1. Divine 2. Joelle Casteel
3. I’ll Stroke Myself If I Want 4. Take a bottle of wine
5. #MasturbationMonday Have Fun



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