#MasturbationMonday – Why Do You #Masturbate? Female on Female…

Masturbation Monday

Hello and welcome to #MM the naughtiest day of the week 😉 Firstly, many thanks to the lovely Kayla Lords for hosting MM and to everyone who takes part. MM takes naughtiness to new levels.

The question posed this week was: Why Do You Masturbate?

Christina’s Answer: Because I’m always reading or writing naughty books and when there’s no-one around things get ‘difficult.’ ~weg~

What’s your answer? Lemme know.

OK, OK, today’s snippet is from HOT TO TROT. Hope you have fun 😉


Unbelievably, even her dreams were sexual in nature. It seemed there was no escape from the debauched wonderland she had found herself in, where comforting warm water lapped at her body in soft ripples of movement and a thousand adept fingers began to stroke every inch of her body. They explored every crevice and contour she possessed with delicate precision, soothing her injured flesh. The feeling was sublime. In the land of the living Jenny felt sure that her body wouldn’t be able to suffer another orgasm, but in the depths of her slumbering subconscious her libido was revving itself up and would soon be good to go. Her hair was soaking wet, it was being massaged with the most decadent smelling shampoo and it smelt so good, she wanted to lick the bubbly concoction off the many fingers surrounding her. There was soft music in the background and gentle whispers all around her and it just added to the calming atmosphere, until she listened more attentively and found out exactly what they were talking about…

‘She’s gorgeous.’

‘Can we watch her explode? Do ya think she’s a screamer?’

‘I could lap at that pussy till she’d produced enough cream for a doughnut,’ giggled another, and tiny fingers rolled her clitoris around to affirm the point.

‘Uh-uh-uh, you know we’ve been told there are to be no O’s.’ A stern voice and a clucking tongue.

‘Oh, look how she squirms, so cute,’ a young voice said, full of mischief.

Although Jenny’s eyes felt as if they’d been stuck together with glue, eventually she managed to lift the leaden weights of her eyelids upwards.

It wasn’t a dream. She groaned to herself. How many times had she thought that particular thought today? Just breathe, she told herself and find out what you can, whilst keeping your eyes firmly shut. They can’t do too much damage to you, if they think you’re in the land of nod. A quick flutter of her eyelashes revealed that she was surrounded by young women, about 10 in total. So she’d been a little overzealous with the 1000 fingers comment. The women were dressed. A few in sundresses and some in pairs of jeans or shorts, but they were all petite and had fantastic figures. Another flutter of her lashes revealed that she was in a bath, a tranparent Perspex bath, which was placed in front of a floor length window and on display to a rather large gathering outside. What the… Jenny immediately tried to cover up all of her important parts, primarily her crotch and her breasts, but her arms wouldn’t co-operate. Now that her act of pretence was over, she looked over her head to discover that her hands had been handcuffed to a pair of shiny brass bath taps. What were these insane people doing to her? Rattling the chains madly and thankful for the lack of a gag, she began screaming the place down.

One of the women, a brunette dressed in a white shirt and shorts, solved the sound problem by pushing Jenny’s head down into the deep water of the bath. Submerged for what felt like an hour, when she came to the surface again, spluttering and spitting, she didn’t make a noise when the lady placed one finger over her lips. Is there anybody in this place who doesn’t play nasty, Jenny thought, tipping her head at right angles to clear the water from her ears.

‘You can’t talk or you’ll get us in trouble,’ said the brunette. ‘Ponies must never speak. You can neigh or whinney, but you mustn’t use your voice. Do you understand?’ She pressed her lips together in a line.


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