#SatSpanks – #SexToys & #Anal Fun!

Saturday Spankings


Spanktastic greetings and welcome to another decidedly naughty Saturday. Woot. I hope you’re ready for some naughtiness….

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The Device

The spitefully hard blows of the crop should have burned like fire into her tenderised skin, but the latex suit had woken up again and was doing its thing. The dildos were quickly expanding, and this time she felt no pain as both channels were dilated, just a hot rush of pleasure and sticky fluid settling at the base of her crotch. How humiliating. Her body obviously loved this kind of treatment. The blows, which Kyle was trying to permanently embed into her ass, were only serving to excite her further. As the ovals of plastic grew, they began thrusting with renewed vigour. It was almost as if they knew the heightened state of arousal that her body had now achieved. The stimulator buzzed with a cruel pace that could have shaken her eyes out of her head, whilst the wires all around her pulsed with a delicate whirr of electricity. Her body was on the cusp of orgasm in less than thirty seconds. The pain of the crop had fuelled it in both intensity and speed and she surged over into the land of pleasure with a fierce thrust of duelling dildos, one aspiring to reach her cervix, and the other her intestines. Burying themselves deep, she screamed out her pleasure, the sound actually managing to make itself heard around the gag before the suit realised what was happening and put a stop to the proceedings. The stopping mechanism was brutal.

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