#MasturbationMonday – #Naughty #Erotic #Games!

Masturbation Monday

It was clear that she was nervous by the faint ripple of movement which flowed through her body and so she should be. Women talked and the other ladies in his office had many tales to tell. Tonight, this beautiful creature was going to be used as he had used no-one else in his office before. He punched two tablets from their plastic coating and let his fingers rest upon the highball glass. There was a slight wobble in his hand as he reached for the water, and it annoyed him. He needed to calm down and he needed release. One would probably follow the other, although the order might need to be changed. Swallowing the tablets, he began to envision how his evening would unfold.

“Stand.” The command was soft, but there was no disguising the edge to his voice. She obeyed instantly. “I want my coffee, Marianna.” His voice was a growl and his eyes appeared almost evil in their obvious carnal intent.

To her credit, Marianna didn’t miss a beat. She took hold of the platinum edged cup and proffered the beverage towards him.

Finally, his mouth turned upwards at the corners. “That is not how I want to drink my coffee.” The girl looked at him blankly and stood frozen in state of panic.

He took pity on her. “Take a sip, but do not swallow. Remember those words. I’ll be using them again, later this evening.” Finally, a smile left the contours of his lips. He waited for her to obey.


Raising the cup to her lips, she took a tiny sip of the scalding brew and waited. He let her wait. She could cool the damn stuff down, as the girls always made it too hot. He watched as she struggled for a moment with the heat. He could see the slight downturn of her eyelids and the pinched set to her face. The beautiful emerald eyes changed briefly from their transparent crystal sheen to cloudy pools of discomfiture. His need to devour her grew.

“Straddle me.” He swung his chair out from under the confines of his desk and allowed her legs to position themselves over his. Inhaling the sweet scent of her perfume, which was spicy and enticing, he allowed his hands to brush lightly over her hips. She shuddered in response. His hands circled her tiny waist and caressed the soft flesh of stomach. He couldn’t wait to unwrap every last morsel of satiny skin and have her laid bare before him, but there was no rush. He let his hands roam, stroking the soft orbs of her backside before running them down the coarse fabric of her tailored skirt. When the material ended, the smooth silkiness of her legs was a beautiful contrast. His hands began to roll her skirt upwards, inch by slow inch. His fingers walked a leisurely path up her naked inner thighs. Would she be wet? Did she want him? He would demand answers to both of his questions shortly.

“Kiss me.”

He watched as she bent down and angled her head. He waited. The plump, full lips pressed against his and he did little more than accept their gentle pressure. If she wanted to get rid of that coffee, she’d need to convince him to open up. If you were asked to play with the boss, you needed to know how to tango. It didn’t take her long to figure the game out. She tilted her head back, keeping the liquid safely inside her mouth and let her tongue trace a warm, wet path around his lips. She circled them from top to bottom with the softest of caresses. Oh, this one was good. Pulling her roughly onto his lip, he sealed his lips over hers and drank from his vessel.

He took his time plundering her mouth. With slow swirls and long snakes of his tongue he revealed his intent and let the battle commence. Threading his fingers through her luxuriously thick curls, he deepened the kiss, and his mouth sucked the very air from her body. She tasted divine; mainly because she was drinking his coffee, but he could taste peppermint, too, and the combination when added to her sweet saliva was intoxicating. Reluctantly, he released her lips.

“We’re going to play a little game, you and I,” he murmured seductively.

“You’re going to feed me every last drop of my coffee, using nothing more than these,” to reiterate his point, he traced an outline of her damp lips with his index finger. Pausing for a second, deep in salacious thought, he took the opportunity to give her a dark look. “If you manage to complete my task without spilling a drop from these luscious ruby-reds, I will allow you the choice of foregoing the punishment I have planned for you, which will be three lashes from my belt.” He watched how her eyelids fluttered downwards and knew she was studying the thick brown leather that encircled his waist. He knew what she was thinking. “Yes, they will hurt.” The delightful shudder of her body caused his cock to pulse and twitch. “Just remember that if you manage to accomplish your task, you have the power to avoid them, but you should also know that if you fail miserably the lashes will be doubled and you will beg for each and every one,” he paused again and bent down to whisper in her ear, “and believe me when I tell you they will lacerate both body and mind.” He tipped her chin back with his fingers to admire both the apprehension and lust that were reflected in her large, expressive eyes. She didn’t appear unduly concerned. Ah, so she thought this game was going to be easy. Was this one going to make a grave error and underestimate his tactics? The sexual tension in the room rippled upon an invisible thread and he could smell her arousal, which was pouring off her body with a pleasant and yet powerful aroma. It suffused his office in a matter of seconds and was far more potent than any aphrodisiac he had the pleasure of tasting.



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