#MasturbationMonday – #MorningGlory

Masturbation Monday


Hello and welcome to Masturbatory Monday or the Monday with the extra zing in it.


Kyle was in a particularly good mood when he opened his eyes the following morning to clear blue skies and twittering birds. There was only one bird on his mind this morning and that happened to be the lovely Isabelle, who was probably already painting her fingernails in readiness for their date this evening. Even though he’d only just woken up and was still in ‘morning-glory’ mode, he hardened further at the thought. It was going to be one hell of a date and he fully intended to make sure his lady had a good time; preferably on the end of his cock. He reached his hand down to fondle his glans and gave himself a few cursory strokes before wondering whether he had enough time to use and abuse the wicked stick before work called. Glancing at his alarm clock revealed very unfriendly hands which were positioned at 9.00 am. Fuck it. He was the one in charge and he called the shots. An extra twenty minutes wouldn’t kill anybody. Tightening his grip, he began yanking at himself with a display of excitement that hadn’t been seen in years.

By the time he made it to the stables, freshly showered and dressed, his Omega told him it was 10.15. He’d been given a disapproving frown from Mr A as he’d passed by his office, but other than that suffered no other repercussions for his lateness. It was great being the one in charge. You didn’t have to answer to anyone, although he had to admit that Katrina’s comment from yesterday still rankled. He’d better haul ass and get Petal in line right quick, because the alternative of handing her reins over to Matthews was unthinkable. He’d rather eat his own testicles.

When the door to Petal’s cell creaked open, he was immediately surprised to find that the room was in darkness. He’d left the light on intentionally; to make sure she didn’t get any shut-eye and would be suffering the torments of sleep deprivation today. Looking up to the wall where she should have been chained standing up, he found… nothing.


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