#MasturbationMonday – #Virgins and #Vampires #PNR

Masturbation Monday


Hello and welcome to another edition of Masturbation Monday or #MM for short. What have I found for you today? Hmm… more deadly vampires. You know me, death, destruction and a touch of desire here and there 😉 Good news though – ‘Dancing With Death,’ has now been released and is on sale in all good book stores. If you want to pop on over to Amazon, click on one of the big piccies below. It’s only $0.99 and you’re getting eight stories by eight very naughty authors – WooHoo!




That’s Monsieur Martinet’s goal – the ultimate revenge to heap upon poor Violetta, the huntress – turning her into one of the undead. Can he do it? Well… he’s certainly having some fun at the moment 😉

Desiring Death

She was so goddamn tight and wet, he thought he’d lose it. Her vaginal muscles clamped around him with an iron-grip and sucked him inside, but nowhere near far enough. Of course. His precious princess was a virgin. That was easily remedied, though. Using his hands as leverage around her waist once more, he began to gently pump inside her. He used slow, tiny little motions that had her rocking back and forth against him as his hands migrated to her backside, in order to get a better grip for what he was about to do. She’d given up trying to kiss him, her thoughts were all over the place as desire began to flood her body, and if only she knew what she needed, his little kitten would have taken it by now. Her inexperience had her bouncing back and forwards on the knife edge to climax, a delirious mix of pleasure and pain. As she buried her face in his neck and sunk her teeth into his neck, he knew it was time.

Placing his finger on her clit and rubbing furiously, he surged forward, breaking through the barrier of her hymen in a single thrust, but he didn’t give her a single second to process the pain. He flung her body down on his, over and over again, grinding himself against her little nub of sensory nerve-endings that would send her airborne in another three or four of her franticly pulsing heart-beats. The pressure against his neck increased. The damn chit was going to give him a hickey if she kept that up, but hell if he cared. Another thrust and they both tumbled into the black heart of oblivion, and he was only sorry that the stay would be such a short one.

Feeling himself spurt into her, he felt oddly groggy and the pleasure which was usually short-lived seemed to go on and on. He felt her convulse around him, her muscles squeezing down upon his cock, milking him dry as her body gave in to one of the most intense sensations she had ever felt in her short existence. Feeling increasingly dizzy as he emptied himself, he was only just aware of a continuing pain in his neck. What on earth was the crazy woman up to now? Still biting him? Using a hand to try and bat her away from him, he just managed to make out a finger and thumb as his hand uselessly flopped back. Too late, he realised that she had dug her fingers into his neck and managed to get his carotid artery in a pincer grip. If he wasn’t much mistaken, his blood pressure was just about to hit the floor. As his vision went double, he managed to summon just enough energy to wrench her away from him, splashing back into the sea to put some distance between them. She came at him again, but a few precious moments was all he needed to put his world back in colour. Snarling, he reached forward and grabbed her by the hair. Twisting her neck fiercely in his hands and bringing her flesh up to his mouth, he plunged his fangs deep into her neck.

Half face portrait of young man with silver paint on his face


Isn’t he a yummy vamp? And I’ll have you know that his dark blue iris took me over half an hour to sort out on photoshop. ~Grin~ Should have made the dribble of blood a little redder too… grr…

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