#MasturbationMonday – #Orgasm Denial #MM

Masturbation Monday

Hello and welcome to Masturbation Monday, that day of the week where you really need to get your rocks off because work always sucks twice as much on a Monday for some reason. So turn off that adult filter, sit back, relax, and… well, you pretty know how the rest operates 😉



This excerpt is taken from ‘Desiring Death,’ the second in the series to ‘Dancing With Death,’ which is due out in the anthology ‘Masquerade’ on the 11.2.2014. Not long to wait, yay!

Desiring Death

“Ready to call me God yet?” He brought his head up out of the water, shook his hair to get rid of the excess water and watched as he splattered her body with tiny pearls of water, lit up by nothing more than the wan light of a waxing moon. While they were on the subject of waxing, that hair she had down there would have to go, but he’d issue his demands later. Right now, he wanted her limp, panting and breathless.

“You’re an asshole.” His princess had the most delicious temper. He wondered if they should work to subdue it or if he would let it have full reign and then show her the consequences of such displays of emotion. They would not be tolerated in the vampire world, and even though he was not yet positive he would change her, the odds of it happening were beginning to look ever more favourable.

He blinked at her, slowly, several times and then pressed his index finger sharply against her sphincter. He gave her a lengthy sigh to make sure she sensed his displeasure at her curt comment. “No, darling, this is an asshole and I intend to do big things with it later. That will take some practise though, so you can breathe easy for the time being.” A hand forked through his hair to bring the dark mass away from his face and his face dipped below the surface of the water once more, seeking the sweet spot of her body which tasted far better than any human food ever had.

He suckled and tongued. Flicked, forked, pulsated and tickled, and just as her face creased up tightly with the painful effort of holding her orgasm back, he stopped. He withdrew his tongue, licked his lips and tilted his head towards her with the biggest smile on his face.

“You…” her voice was tight and venomous. It was clear she was in pain, the pleasurable kind at least. He cut her off before the woman earned a spanking her bottom couldn’t yet cash.

“You call me an asshole again and I’ll stretch this tight little hole of yours to proportions you would not believe possible.” Withdrawing his fingers from her pussy, he lubricated the smaller, puckered hole that was a touch further down and pressed his fingers forward for entry.

“No, no, please God, no,” she whimpered, her body thrashing and bucking at the contact as she sank into the wet wasteland of ripples below her.

He raised an eyebrow. “I told you you’d be calling me God before the night was out, didn’t I?” Satisfied that she’d come down from her high, he lowered himself back down into the water and began to work her over again. He lightly nibbled upon her inner thighs, blew gently across her sex and gave her only the lightest of teasing, tormenting touches with his tongue. His fingers pulled no punches, however. They worked inside her with a consistent, steady rhythm and she was now copiously dribbling with her body’s own lubrication, more than ready to feel his cock pounding away inside her. It would be, too.

At this moment in time, he wanted this as much as she did. One might even argue more, but there was a reason behind his madness. Why was he intent on giving her so much pleasure when she lavished him with nothing but pain in the last few years? The reasoning was simplicity in itself. Give her a taste of heaven, make her yearn for his every touch and then deny the very thing she had become addicted to or, at the very least, put her through the gates of hell in order to get it. Revenge, revenge, revenge; the word was always going to be uppermost in his mind, in his dealings with her. So she could have the ace of diamonds tonight, but come tomorrow, when she was tied up on his four poster bed for the foreseeable future, unable to move more than a few centimetres in any direction, and suffering under his constant touch that aroused but never quite delivered,  she’d be getting the joker. Oh, he would have fun with her alright.




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7 thoughts on “#MasturbationMonday – #Orgasm Denial #MM

  1. Having a problem with this going on underwater — He lightly nibbled upon her inner thighs, blew gently across her sex and gave her only the lightest of teasing, tormenting touches with his tongue….They worked inside her with a consistent, steady rhythm and she was now copiously dribbling with her body’s own lubrication, more than ready to feel his cock pounding away inside her.”
    Really? She felt him blowing on her underwater and he could tell she was dribbling with her body’s own lubrication when water washes it away.
    Otherwise, very hot! Sorry, it’s the editor in me. I nitpick. 🙂

    • HAHA! I think the editor in you is fantastic. If my publisher doesn’t want this, it might be coming your way LOL. The trouble with snippets is that you only get half the story though. My vampire huntress can’t swim, so the vampire has her in a floating position, arms and legs akimbo, so she’s half above the waterline. I have to say, though, I did wonder at the lubrication bit while I was writing it – even though his fingers are doing naughty things to her… dribbling while in water is probably going a touch too far. I’ll get it on the edits and tidy it up. Thank you for the comment 🙂

      • Oh, I understood what he was doing and it’s very, very good! Just had a problem with the blowing and dribbling. I might suggest adding bubble sensation to blowing and leaving out the dribbling for perhaps muscle movement implying her readiness. Keep writing. 🙂

      • Now that’s a fantastic idea! Bubble sensation… LOVE IT. Totally agree with the dribbling bit and muscle movement works much better. Thank you! (Now off for my first re-write 😛 xxx 😀

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