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Violetta – Vampire Huntress, with a whole host of dead vampires to her name

Michel Martinet – Master Vampire who can control humans with the merest flick of his eyelids. 

Score Card, Violetta 0, Martinet 3 – and rising.

Mask And Candles

Desiring Death

Turning his attention back to the belt in his hands, he caressed the supple leather and inhaled the faint scent of tobacco it had managed to acquire over the years. It was his favourite, and he suspected that after today’s events it might rise even further in his estimation. Hell, he might have to frame the thing. With that thought uppermost in his mind, he tightened his grip and set his sights on his mark; the sumptuous curve of her ass.

Giving her no warning whatsoever, he brought the strap down. A loud crack resonated through the night air, followed by a shocked gasp. Giving her a minute to process the stinging slap, he ran a single finger down the line he had made. His huntress tried to remain stoic and bit down on her lip, not wanting to give him the pleasure of hearing her moan. Little did she know, but he wasn’t going to stop until he heard her scream, so he wasn’t in the least bit worried about her holding back a few petulant whimpers. Bringing the belt back up again, he let his hand feel the long length of worn leather in an almost reverent fashion. He knew that she had bitten her lip in order not to cry out, but it was early days yet.

He counted to three and let the belt fly once again. It was another sharp slap and this time he was rewarded with a hiss. He pressed his fingertips down into the fresh, pink stripe to see if he’d done the job properly. She gave him a half strangled moan, which she cut-off almost as soon as she had uttered it, but it was enough. Giving her no time to recover her wits, he let the belt loose one more time.

When the belt sank its teeth into her ass for the third time, he managed to get a curse out of her. It was a pretty innocuous one, but he suspected she’d get more inventive the longer he continued. For now, he allowed her a small break to compose herself, while he feasted his eyes upon her striped rear. Three blazing lines were beginning to surface and knowing that he was the one who had put them there was very satisfying indeed.

“Did they sting precious?” He didn’t receive an answer to his query, but it hardly mattered. He already knew the answer, but just to make sure, he ran a hand over one of the blossoming streaks of pale pink flesh. Hearing the bitten-off invective that she tried so hard to hide was music to his ears.

“Now I shall find out if that nubile body of yours is hot for mine. You just stand there, while I go check, cherie. At her infuriated roar, he chuckled and to fuel the flames of her ire, he placed both of his very talented hands down upon her; hands that knew how to play a woman. They could perform a slow, sensuous rhumba or a fast and intense salsa, for that matter they could execute the whole of Rachmaninov’s third piano concerto, if he were so inclined, but for tonight it would have to be short and sweet. They had an agenda to complete and he wanted her to be firmly secreted away in his mountain mansion before the sun released its potent morning rays upon them.

Letting his fingers walk up the insides of her splayed legs, he bent over slowly and pressed his soft lips into one of the rosy stripes. The mewl she emitted was strangled and confused. She knew it should have hurt, but was surprised when the sensation was actually quite pleasant. Violetta had a lot to learn about her body and he would be more than happy to teach her. He was going to have a double dose of fun with this one. He would train her to slather at his feet first as a human, before rebirthing her in his own image as a vampire, that which she despised and hated. Then he could have the ultimate revenge – for the huntress would become the hunted. Maybe he could even give those friends of hers a call to finish her off. It would be a fitting demise for his most hated enemy, killed by those she once loved.

Letting his teeth scrape along the raised line of the belt mark, he began to slide his hands further up her legs. His hands moved with teasing leisureliness, his fingers rubbing little swirls into the wonderfully yielding flesh of her supple, inner thighs. He smiled as he felt her jaws clamp down upon a soft little moan of pleasure. He had a feeling she wouldn’t manage to keep those delightful little sounds hidden for much longer. Working gradually towards his goal, his fingers luxuriated in the soft mass of red curls he found at the apex of her sex. It had been a barely there kiss of his fingertips but he knew she felt it as he’d let himself seep into her mind. He also knew she would have given anything to have escaped his wandering fingers at that moment, and that, in his eyes, made the torment far more gratifying.

Cupping her sex and cradling the heat he found there, was an almost divine experience. There was another hiss and her head snaked around to give him baleful glare, but he wasn’t the least bit interested in her face. Two of his fingers had now formed a two-pronged fork and they were aiming for her labia, doling out tiny little flutters of movement. They then progressed to a firmer intensity before he began caressing the lips intently, feeling them swell underneath his fingertips.

When he was anchored in the minds of most humans, he found a need to distance himself from the constant babble of chatter they felt necessary to process on an almost endless basis. Inane, useless chatter for the most part, which could drive a lesser man insane. With Violetta, however, he found himself wanting to know what she was thinking, what she felt at each touch he might choose to bestow upon her and he wanted to be there, inside her, when she reached that magical pinnacle that would force her to lose some of that rigid control that she tried so hard to maintain.

His forked fingers dipped into the valley that surrounded her clitoris and performed and intimate dance that would do little but frustrate her. He slid forward and back, again and again, until he detected in her an urge to buck her hips in time with his delicate ministrations. Allowing her the privilege of that one small movement, knowing that the action would madden, humiliate and tease her senseless, he continued on the warpath he had forged. Employing soft, sinuous caresses to some of the more intimate parts of her body, he knew it wouldn’t take long before her voice would resurface. Whether she would plead for relief or beg for him to stop, remained to be seen, but it would be interesting to find out. In any case, it was time to up the ante. Applying the most delicate touch to the tiny little nub between the apex of her thighs, he waited to see what would happen.

In the end, the result was almost comical. Her eyes bulged forward, her breath caught and she made a gurgling sound in the back of her throat. He could almost feel the pressure behind her eyelids as they burst open in shock. Hearing the enraged expletive that rattled inside her head, unable to find its way out, was most pleasing; but her next words, when she finally managed to get them past the confines of her lips were even better.

“Please stop.” They were a mere whisper of sound, pained and desperate, and truly a delight to behold.

“You mean to tell me that you don’t like this?” His voice held a mocking, incredulous tone. Pressing harder with his fingers and working her clit, he made it clear that he wanted a reply but added a little push for good measure.

“I, I…”

Violetta’s head was a jumble of turbulent emotions that were being tossed around in a spin cycle which was filled with the drug desire. She didn’t know which way was up, had no idea what her body was doing or what it might be capable of. Drowning in a sea of tantalising fingers which worshipped her flesh by sliding and slipping everywhere they could, she had no way of fighting him.  She was lost.

So, the signs were encouraging, Martinet thought. She had all the markings of an untried and taking her virginity from her would be the icing on an already very chocolaty cake. He was almost bursting with exhilaration at the prospect of her demise. He almost wanted to rub his hands in glee. Good grief, it had been years since he’d performed a ‘Virgin Conversion,’ so to speak, and this time he could have some real fun.

“Would you like me to introduce you to the little death, cherie? Watching you dance upon my fingers would be a wonderful sight to behold, would it not?”

“Get. Off. Me.” His lioness roared her malcontent at his treatment of her and he had to bite his lip in order not to laugh out loud and spoil the moment. Keeping his mirth in check was difficult, though. Her hips waggled enticingly, beckoning to be used, her buttocks swayed and the ends of her ball-gown looked particularly endearing, wrapped around her ears.

Thrusting a single finger inside her, he delighted in the fact that it was immediately coated in a sweet, hot, liquid musk. Whilst her level of arousal was hardly breaking news to him, the thin layer of her hymen, which prevented him extending his long, middle finger to its greatest potential, was. How incredible. He could barely believe his luck. Here was a complete novice, absolutely clueless in the ways and workings of love, and he could train her untutored body to please him in any way that he wanted. A wicked smile lit up his face. The big bad wolf had ensnared Miss Hood, and hell if he wasn’t going to eat her, from the inside out. Patience might need to be employed at first, alas, but good things came to those that waited, and he had waited longer than most.

While his finger gently pumped inside her delightfully tiny, tight channel, he let his thumb tickle her clit. A few pleasant pulsations to start and then he would begin the fight to the ‘little death,’ for he knew without doubt that she would fight him with everything that she had. No matter that she found him extremely attractive or that her body responded in a primal, elemental way to his – she would know exactly what submitting to him would mean: the loss of her family, and, most probably, the loss of her life. It would simply make his victory all the sweeter, for she was fighting the inevitable.


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  2. Yikes, Christina Mandara has truly gone over to the dark side. Sinful excerpt. Martinet may make a wonderful master, but I’m not sure I like him very much right now. Then again, I’m not supposed to, am I?

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