10 Ways to Have Better, Stronger Orgasms

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1. Foreplay – tease, torment, stroke and caress. Anticipation is the mother of all great orgasms.

2. Have lubricant handy – things are always much more fun when they go smoothly.

3. Try edging – work your partner into a near orgasm frenzy and then stop, just before the big ‘O’ appears. Rinse and repeat. Do this a few times and when you finally allow your partner to climax, she’ll hit the roof. If he/she hasn’t hit you already.

4. Bring out the sex toys. Always good for a giggle, these often vibrating beasties are not only great fun, they’re pretty much guaranteed orgasm material.

5. Make sure there’s plenty of clitoral friction. Change your position if necessary.

6. Keep yourself in shape. Pelvic floor exercises and abs will help you get into the correct positions for clitoral stimulation (which will make the missionary position so much more fun!) and repeat after me: Kegels, kegels, kegels.

7. Find your G-spot. For men it’s the prostate gland and for women it’s that tantalisingly out of reach place, up and around the bend. Experiment and experiment some more.

8. Wait until after sex to relieve your bladder. Believe it or not, for some people, having a full bladder pushes the clitoris up a touch and ensuing orgasms have that much more oomph!

9. Get kinky! Try dressing up, role play, food play – the possibilities are endless and PRETTY AWESOME (if you do them right!)

10. Relax. Breathe. If you’re nervous, take plenty of time and let yourself get in the swing of things before surging forth and conquering the world (or the body in this case). One very good orgasm is better than several lacklustre ones.

And now for a little bit about Christina Mandara:



In one word tell us what you write Christina?

Hmm. That’d be ‘Shaughty.’ That’s shockingly naughty, but all wrapped into one word 😉

Can you be a wee bit more specific?

Haha. I write BDSM non-consensual PONY-GIRL kink. So we have a girl, we whisk her away to a dark dungeon (or the stables, in my case) and I we do all sorts of naughty things with her. There are lots of Alpha Males in my story, a few Dommes, the occasional giggle and plenty of latex and leather.

What are you working on at the moment?

Paranormal erotica. More alpha males, this time in the shape of vampires, plenty of steamy sex and a vampire huntress who’s out for death. It’s set in the home of the Masquerade ball – Venice. I have loved hopping around Venice – expect all the sights and sounds of glorious Italy and a few tips on how to ride a Gondola are in book two – ‘Desiring Death,’ which should be out shortly 🙂 How about I give you a blurb for ‘Dancing with Death’? It’s available in the anthology ‘Masquerade’ and there’s another seven authors with equally steamy stories to be discovered inside!



Can we have a story excerpt? Please?

Here’s one from my latest release, ‘A ROUGH RIDE.’


Striding over to the large pine door, her toes curling in the beige shag pile carpet, she peered out of the small window as her hand grasped for the handle. She got the shock of her life. There, on her doorstep, was Mark Matthews. Her first reaction was to run and hide, even though she knew he’d seen her. She wasn’t ready for him. Her hair was a mess, her feet were bare, nail varnish chipped and half a dozen other reasons like the fact that he scared her senseless. Her hand hovered over the steel lever of her front door and began to shake.

“Let me in, Marianna.”

His voice was a gentle, seductive purr and whilst it might have calmed a skittish pussycat or two, it didn’t do much to calm her.

“Just a second. Be right there.” Oh hell, Marianna thought, running her fingers half-way through her hair before losing them to a pile of Medusa-like writhing snakes, all of which refused to be tamed. Trying to extricate them, she almost lost a fingernail in the process and yanking her hand back out again she decided that he’d just have to appreciate the ruffled ‘bed-head’ look. Hey, some people paid a lot of money to get their hair looking like that. Marianna just happened to be able to achieve it for free.

“I’m waiting.” The voice was cool, collected and faintly amused.

Marianna was searching the room for a pair of shoes. Any shoes would do as long as they matched and covered her toenails. Spying a pair of fluffy, pink slipper-booties, she rapidly worked them over her feet with one hand, whilst the other hand was pretending to open the door.

“I can break the door down if you prefer? You girls like that type of thing, right?”

“Wrong.” The door opened and Marianna witnessed her boss trying desperately hard to cling on to his dead-pan expression. Giving him a dark look, she said, “Have you ever heard of a thing called ‘The Telephone?’ It’s a really handy gadget. It allows you to warn people in advance of…”

“I’m well aware of what a telephone is used for, but thank you for the reminder, Miss Morreau. I wanted to surprise you.”

“Congratulations, you’ve succeeded.” She pulled the door open wide and stood back to allow him entrance. Her heart rate had already accelerated up 36,000 feet in the air and her stomach was on its way up to meet it. “I thought you were away on business until tomorrow evening, Sir.”

“Change of plans.” Mark strode into her spacious, modern apartment as if he owned the place, which was only slightly entertaining, considering that he did actually own the block of apartments. “Oh, where are my manners? I’ve brought you a present.” He held out a shiny, black, rectangular gift box which sported a giant red bow and grinned at her. Mark was entertained to find that Marianna’s fingers shook somewhat as they gently pried the box out of his hands.

“Thank you, but you really don’t need to buy me presents. You pay me more than enough as it is.” Placing the box on her smooth, pinewood dinner table and using the opportunity to catch her breath, she eventually turned to ask, “Can I get you a drink?” She wanted a chance to escape his assessing all-over gaze, put a dash of make-up on and apply another fresh coat of polish to her feet.

“No, thank you. The present isn’t really for you, it’s for us. We’ll open it together, later.” He moved into the lounge and took a seat on her large faux-suede sofa. Crossing his legs and sinking into the soft padding, he looked quite at home. His all-over assessment of her body continued, quite happily, until it reached her feet, where it stopped abruptly. He pursed his lips. “Love the boots. Did you wear them especially for me?” His eyes twinkled with mirth.

“Would you like me to remove them, Sir?” She stood perfectly still, facing him, and her long, black lashes batted over dark green eyes already smouldering with heat.

“Actually, Miss Morreau, I’d like you to remove everything. You’d better hope that you’ve remembered to forgo wearing your panties and bra or you’re in for a rather unpleasant start to your evening.” This time, he raised both of his eyebrows in challenge and look he was wearing was one of pure devilment.

Marianna just managed to stop her face from crumpling into a look of despair. Her look would have read: Oh my god, of all the rotten luck in the world, how-can-this-be-happening-to-me, fuck-it. This thought was followed by: there must be some way I can extricate myself from this mess. Toying with a very cute and cuddly pink bootie, before flipping it off with her foot and kicking it behind her, she decided to play it cool. There was a good chance that the situation was not lost. If she could strip off her skirt and the waist band of her panties in one movement, keeping the latter hidden inside the former, she might be able to save her ass from some serious carnage. It had to be worth a try. It didn’t matter that she had been told he was out of town on business or that he had never visited her before (or any of the other girls, to her knowledge) in her apartment, if she had been given a direct order to wear no panties, he would expect it to be immediately obeyed, without question, and at all times. How could she have been so stupid? In her defence it had been an automatic reaction to pull out a pair of panties as soon as she had finished her half-hour soak in the bath tub. Arrgh. She was going to have to bin the contents of her panty drawer to make sure she was never tempted to make such a mistake again. Kicking off another bootie, she bared her chipped, ‘Jungle Red,’ toes and wiggled them into the carpet in an effort to hide them. She needn’t have bothered. His eyes were already working their way up her body for the main event.

Starting at her neck, she began opening the buttons of the soft, buttery, chocolate silk shirt that she had donned only moments ago. Amazingly, her hands were steady and the little brown circles almost flew open of their own accord. She let the material hang over the soft ‘V’ of her bared breasts before shrugging the fabric backwards, over her shoulders, and letting it drop elegantly to the floor. Her nipples immediately peaked and the aureoles surrounding them deepened in colour.

Mark’s eyes had darkened. His easy, relaxed posture remained the same; with his hands in his lap and his back folded into the chair behind him, but something had changed. There was the scent of danger in the air. “Congratulations. No bra, Miss Morreau. This is a promising start.”

Marianna could feel tiny little beads of sweat beginning to form behind her ears and at the back of her neck. Oh, why hadn’t she thought of the panty thing before she opened the door? Worrying about her hair and chipped polish seemed rather silly in comparison to the mess she might shortly find herself in, if her performance did not go to plan.

“Is there something you wish to tell me, Miss Morreau?” Mark had a smug grin on his face and if she didn’t know better she could have sworn the man had x-ray vision, feeling his stare melt through the delicate satin of her oyster-grey skirt to reveal the white wisp of lace panties below. Marianna shook her head firmly, put on her best coquettish smile and let her hands caress her naked torso as they made their way down to her skirt. A bead of sweat trickled down her back. Thank god he couldn’t see it. Concentrate Marianna, she berated herself, and smile.  Gripping the waistband of both skirt and panties at the same time, her hands did not give themselves away in the slightest. There was no discernable tremor, no tell-tale wobble as they slid down her delicately perfumed flesh. If she was honest, she would have to admit that she was looking forward to getting naked. There was no embarrassment to be had in revealing her body, not an ounce of fat graced it and not a single blemish dared to accost the expanse of subtly tanned flesh that covered her both front and back. Although Mark’s visit had come as a shock, her body was already looking forward to being used and worshipped by his. So there was only one last obstacle standing in the way of a night which could be painful, pleasurable or a decadent mixture of both. She was not entirely sure which option she preferred.

Feeling moisture begin to bubble between her legs, she tried to summon her thoughts together to complete her strip tease. It was one simple move, one mere flourish of her hands and then the offending items could be tossed to the far end of her room to be forgotten for the evening. Her thumbs hooked themselves under the waistband of both skirt and panties combined and, with a deep breath she pushed them deftly to the floor, before one lithe, long leg kicked the offending articles away from her. She did not risk a glance backwards to check upon the landing position of her wardrobe. Instead, she moved forwards, towards the man whom had been the object of her desires for so long and asked seductively, in her soft, breathless, voice, ‘How may I please you, Sir?” That and her near nakedness should have been enough to distract any normal man from perusing the discarded items of clothing in too much detail. Of course, Mark Matthews was not in the least bit normal.

“You may please me, Marianna, by fetching me your lovely skirt. I wish to inspect its contents.”


Whew! HOT. Thanks for stopping by Christina – any last words before you go?

Yes. Many thanks for having me stop by today! For anyone who’d like a longer sneak peek at one my books, here’s a copy of the first in my series, THE RIDING SCHOOL, which can be downloaded free in any ebook format by clicking on the picture below 😉 or clicking here.



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