#MasturbationMonday – #Latex Torture

Masturbation Monday


It’s that time of week where we shout the word ‘Masturbation’ from the rooftops  and post some of the naughtiest snippets we can find. With that in mind, I’ve found something a little naughty for you… I know, I know. Me, naughty? Whoever would have thought…!


Latex Torment

The latex rippled across her body. It devoured inch by slow inch of pale, smooth flesh into its hungry jaws until there was only a sea of black rubber to seen. The material felt tight and suffocating but Jenny was so exhausted by the day’s activities that she didn’t have an ounce of fight left in her to halt its progress. As her limbs were worked this way and that to accommodate the slick fabric, her head reeled. Where was her escape ticket? Had she really been abandoned to this life of sexual servitude? It was certainly starting to feel like it. It was entirely possible that unless she managed to engineer a way out herself, she would remain a pony-girl at Albrecht until such time as someone chose to purchase her. Oh my God, God, God. What if there were no buyers? Would she remain here forever? Mark’s previous offer now seemed a whole lot more palatable than life as a dumb animal, trussed up tight and paraded daily around a paddock. She’d rather be a personal sex-slave than endure life with the mud, slop and straw.

The suit began to take hold of her body and its tight confinement was both frightening and exciting. Her thoughts were mush inside her head. One moment she was certain that rescue would come, in the next she was convinced that it wouldn’t. She knew her relationship with her father wasn’t good, but she didn’t think that he hated her enough to arrange to have her kidnapped! Was this all a mistake? It seemed to have been engineered very shrewdly, right from the beginning when she first entered the ‘Pony Rides’ hotel. That in itself didn’t mean that her father was responsible, it could have been any one of a number of people – but did anyone really hate her enough to do this to her? It was a crazy thought and no definite answer was forthcoming. Yes, she had been a tease to men but she had also given them what they wanted. She wasn’t aware of any of her previous boyfriends holding a grudge of this kind of magnitude against her.

The rubber crept upwards towards her clamped breasts. Mark lightly tugged on the chain which still connected them and smiled when he heard her gasp.

“You had better remove those,” said the vet. “Her suit has specially formulated plastic cups which will knead and manipulate her breasts. It also features its own pair of nipple clamps, angled within the cups, which will tighten and release at regular intervals to torment its victim. Some of our ponies find nipple torment one of the easiest ways to achieve orgasm. We’ll be watching Petal closely to see if she is one of them.”

Mark did as he was bid and slowly released each of the pretty, filigree clamps that she wore. He admired her face as a delicious look of anguish began to take form. The blood would slowly flow back into those tortured teats and they would throb rather nastily for the next few minutes, he suspected. She wouldn’t suffer for too long. They would be replaced by her new ones very shortly.


Jenny felt her boobs being almost sucked into her brand new outfit and when the rubberised plastic moulded to her cleavage in a horribly stiff and unyielding matter, she cried out. It was more from shock than real pain, though. Her whole body was being condensed into this skin-tight catsuit and her heart rate and breathing were already erratic in panic.

“Now for a little nip. Brace yourself.” The vet simply pinched the tips of two rubber domes in front of him, causing Jenny’s compacted breasts to move forward, before he released the twin clamps. The pony in front of him hissed and her eyes watered as two wide pincers bore down upon her tender teats, but the threat of the crop which was being dangled in front of her eyes made sure that she remained motionless.

“Since when do you get to have all the fun?” Kyle had re-entered the room and was looking none too pleased upon having discovered he had missed half of the action. He glared darkly at Mark, who blithely ignored him and continued with his efforts of squeezing the trainee’s arms into the corresponding holes of her suit.

Jenny gave a few token squirms and wriggles under the hands of her tormentors, but with a good push and a few hard pulls she was immersed up to her neck. Mark drew the long zipper upwards, which was positioned just above the small of her back and he didn’t stop until it was fastened snugly at her neck. Taking pains not to catch the delicate skin of her throat, he tucked the ends into her thick white collar. Jenny decided then and there that she would never understand the inner workings of his mind. One minute, he’d lash at her with a crop and in the next he was as gentle as a new-born lamb.  What was with the man?

A Rough Ride 3d with outline2

“How does that feel? Not too tight?”

It was horribly tight, but the vet wasn’t really interested in an answer. He pulled her legs and arms this way and that, to make sure she had just about enough room to move and then squeezed two fingers upon her wrist to feel for her pulse. “Not too agitated. That’s good.”

Oh, how wrong could he be? She was disturbed alright. Her suit already felt tacky and sticky. She had no idea how she would be able to spend two days in the thing. It would be hotter than hell. She could feel the minute metal threads that ran up and down the length of it and wondered what they were for? Whatever it was, she suspected she wouldn’t like it. What with the new, longer style plugs trapped inside her and the tubes and wires, she was beginning to feel like a robot who just needed a power source. An orgasmic power source, as her body already pulsed and contracted around them, seeking fulfilment. Tired as she was, her body was ridiculously greedy for release and it would have to wait two long days before the privilege might be granted. Still, it wasn’t that long in the grand scheme of things, was it? It would be over before she knew it.


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