#PonyGirl Play in the Flesh – A beautifully choreographed video by Mary Jane O’Reilly

“Horses” from Mary Jane O’Reilly’s Neo Burlesque Show #PonyPlay

For all you folks that love the pony girls, this ones for you. I found this video earlier today, and then emailed Mary Jane if it would be alright if I shared this with everyone.

“Horses” from Mary Jane O’Reilly’s neo burlesque show In Flagrante.

Horses from maryjane oreilly on Vimeo.

MaryJane O’Reilly
Director/ Co-Producer


In Flagrant Image Gallery

In Flagrante Facebook Page

Tickets To The Show in Aukland, New Zealand – This Weekend
Tickets Start at $55, Show Times are 7pm and 9:30pm this Friday.

In Flagrante – a hot night’s cabaret in May

Auckland based MaryJane O’Reilly’s In Flagrante brings its unique brand of edgy, hyper provocative contemporary cabaret back for a rare season in May at one of the city’s favourite venues – the refurbished Galatos Ballroom off K Rd.

Set to Euro trip-hop, Kiwi Ska and band music the show is as outrageous as its soundtrack, where punk cancan meets marching girls, fetish dolls,video game Tekken fighters and a North Korean Traffic Girl with an attitude problem.

A real hit at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, In Flagrante (Latin: “in blazing” and once grounds for divorce) was described by William Glenn of UK’s FringeReview, UK as; “Red handed. Sexy, sophisticated, knives-out choreography complimented by killer designs, realised by six supremely talented performers from New Zealand. A dub-tastic hour of wickedly intricate cabaret that hits with the impact of a truck, with a pleasant aftertaste. Not to be missed”

In The News

Full Video on Vimeo

Christina’s Take: Aren’t they gorgeous? You’ve got to love Pony Play… it’s a thing of beauty. I loved the outfits, loved the choreography & music and thoroughly enjoyed the show. Now we’re on the subject, who’d like a free copy of THE RIDING SCHOOL? Join Jennifer Redcliff on her journey in becoming a fully fledged member of the Pony-Girl community! 15 copies up for grabs – just click on the picture below and download in the ebook format of your choice:


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