Toot Toot #Blog Tour – In Bed with Christina Mandara


Firstly, many thanks to Wet Bliss who tagged me, and asked me to join in the fun on the ‘Toot Toot’ blog tour. (Whoever made up that name btw – you need shooting). Anyway, the lovely Bliss, who’s currently writing Paranormal Romance (and I’m jealous, because that’s where I’m headed next 🙂 ) has tagged me with four questions.

What am I working on at the moment? 

Easy peasy. A Rough Ride. It’s book five in the pony tales series and should be ready for release this summer. It features more of the depravities of the first four books: we have a visit to the veterinarian for Jen, Marianna is taken to a BDSM bar by the delightful Mark Matthews and Jen will have lots of naughty practise at all things sex and submission. There might even be a dungeon visit. Who knows?

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Haha. It’s probably some of the naughtiest erotica out there. It’s pony-play, it’s non-consensual and it’s dark. Think of Christina as the Stephen King of the Erotica World. Having said that, I write elegant erotica, with a romance theme, there may well be a HEA and as far as book boyfriends go, Mark Matthews is drop dead gorgeous. It’s definitely dark though and features some of the lesser known topics in BDSM such as edge play, medical play, breath play, animalism, leather, latex, nettles, anal dilators – you name it, I’ll try and pop it in the book somewhere. There are more kinks in this series than the river Nile…

Why do I write what I do?

Hmm… I write for my own enjoyment. One minute a simple romance, the next vampires and then I’ll head over to Sci-Fi before meddling in Erotica. I just play out the fantasies in my head. I never thought anyone would actually read anything I’ve written… and I still haven’t told my Mum…

What is my writing process?

It’s all in my head. The major bits of the story have been played out so many times it’s ridiculous and when I get the chance to daydream a bit, I build on them until I’ve got enough to put it down on paper or should that be type upon my computer? I’m a trained typist and I can easily type more than 120 words per minute, so when my muse hits, my fingers fly. I seldom manage to write much more than 500 words a day, though, because real life has a nasty habit of getting in the way.

To fend of writer’s block, I usually have two chapters on the go at any one time and will flick between them. I often seek inspiration from Google Images when I’m stuck with something… and I adore research.

My biggest problem is that I am a very undisciplined writer. While I sit down at my laptop every night at the same time and give myself 1 – 2 hrs to write, I usually find myself immersed in surfing the web or sneaking a look at the TV. My 500 words often get written in no more than 30 mins. If I actually applied myself to the task I might, one day, write a couple of thousand words in a sitting.

Hmm, what else? I love listening to music whilst I write and I have a rather eclectic taste – anything from indie rock n roll to classical and I enjoy trying to inject a bit of humour into my work where I can.

OK, that’s quite enough about me. Who should I tag next?

Kayla Lords

Normandie Alleman

Gale Stanley

Jolynn Raymond

H K Carlton

Come and have fun on the TOOT TOOT blog tour 🙂

9 thoughts on “Toot Toot #Blog Tour – In Bed with Christina Mandara

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  2. Thanks for the tag, sweetie. I’m not the most disciplined writer either but I’m getting better. And I love that you dabble in the lesser known aspects of BDSM. It makes me curious….!

  3. I love all of your responses. It’s great that you can visualize everything in your head before you write. Thanks for joining the blog tour. I’m guilty and should be shot 🙂

    • I made up my own title lol 🙂 The original “Blog Tour” was too plain and boring. Although it’s brought me great amusement to see everyone I tagged carry it forward with dislike.

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