G-spots and Orgasm Denial #ASMSG


Once again his tongue found her clit and this time he sucked. It produced a much tighter friction than the licking and her body shot off the horse in shock. The sensation quickly turned to intense pleasure before additional light pressure on her anal passage had her gasping once more.  Something else was being forced inside her. Staying completely still, she tried to evade the object by clenching herself as tightly as possible.

Mark thrust two fingers inside the trainee once more, found the elusive G-spot on the front wall of her vagina and started rubbing enthusiastically. In a few short seconds it achieved the desired effect. She couldn’t keep her body tightly clenched when she was on the knife-edge of release. In a single thrust he part pushed, part forced the slippery object inside of her. In this particular instance, it was a kindness to be quick. Not that she was going to thank him for it.

Jenny didn’t scream. Although the sound bubbled up inside her, she forced it back down again, unwilling to give them the satisfaction of hearing it. It hurt. It bloody hurt. Her sphincter was contracting madly around the device, whatever it was and it hurt. That didn’t seem to matter, though, because the sensation had nearly pushed her over the edge into what promised to be the mother of all orgasms. Her body hummed, throbbed, pulsed and shivered. Just the tiniest touch would send her tumbling. As soon as she thought her body had taken the path of no return, the stimulation stopped. All of it ceased at once. Not a hand, finger or tongue moved. If Jenny had thought denying these three strangers the pleasure of her release would hurt them, she’d had no idea how much it would actually hurt her. Her body trembled helplessly as the agony of sexual frustration overtook every pore. She was unable to hold back a sob of torment and a single tear slid down her cheek. As her chest heaved up and down with the effort needed to draw in breath, she felt her whole body ache with an indescribable pain.

In the background, Agnes sniffed. ‘She’s going to be a beauty.’

Hetty just shook her head, thinking of all the work that had to be done to get this trainee’s tack ready in double time.

‘Right, that’s enough of Mr Nice Guy,’ said Mark, giving the small butt plug inside Jenny’s ass a little twist. He was rewarded with a grunt and a shudder. The plug had a little tube connected to it which could be used to pump it up in size, which he’d put to very good use later. For now, the slimmest size was more than adequate. ‘You’re mine for the next three hours and most of them will consist of the ingenious punishments that I have been ordered to carry out. You’ve been a very naughty pony.’ A wicked gleam lit up his expression.


Available on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

Available on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

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